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David Rolland has been the editor of CityBeat since the paper's launch in the summer of 2002. He once talked his way out of a military police station in Croatia by invoking the name of Nirvana's bass player. Send him your story ideas, marriage proposals and recipes that involve potatoes, by far his most favoritest food of all time.

March 18 2015
It's Monday night, and I'm 503 miles north of the CityBeat office. I'm in my new home in a neighborhood known as Mansion Flats in downtown Sacramento
March 4 2015
As I announced two weeks ago, Kelly and I are both leaving CityBeat; Kellys last day was Tuesday. This is my tribute to hermy longtime partner in journalism, my closest friend and the little...
Feb. 18 2015
If youre not on Twitter, you might not have heard the news that my longtime associate editor, Kelly Davis, and I are both leaving CityBeat
Jan. 14 2015
I am not Charlie. By that, I dont mean to say that I dont stand in solidarity, symbolically at least, with the folks at the French publication Charlie Hebdo who were murdered last week by Islamic...
Oct. 15 2014
I knew enough about Filner that the accusations against him didnt surprise me. I know enough about DeMaio that Bosnichs claims dont surprise me, either
Oct. 1 2014
Of all the important words spoken by actor Emma Watson in her speech on feminism to the United Nations on Sept. 20, the line that jumped out at me was this: I decided that I was a feminist, and this seemed...
July 23 2014
If theres one thing we CityBeatniks love more than Star Wars and politics, its reducing politicians to overly simplistic archetypes of good and evil.
June 18 2014
We journalists are lucky. Because we buy ink by the barrel, as the old saying goes, interesting or well-known people agree to hang out with us. Can you imagine inviting TV weather anchor Dagmar Midcap...
June 17 2014
Once he agreed to meet me for drinks, Mayor Kevin Faulconer didn't take long to choose a bar. He picked Sessions Public, the craft-beer-focused Point Loma Heights eatery owned by Abel Kaase.
June 4 2014
The bridge closure provided a great opportunity to test those theories and to study the full impact of the shutdown on the park, its institutions and the surrounding areas, and Im eager to see what the...
March 31 2014
Last year, The Food Chain almost died. Incredibly, getting restaurant people to cooperate with this recurring everyone-wins little feature of mine had become like getting them to stop putting fried
March 19 2014
Richard Bloom, a Democrat who represents the Santa Monica area, wants to ban public entertainment involving killer whales, end the captive breeding of whales, bar companies from importing or exporting...
Feb. 26 2014
The Climate Action Plan lays out how San Diego will meet certain greenhouse-gas-reduction goals by 2020 and 2035, andimportantly from a legal standpointits intended to help overcome the negative impacts...
Jan. 29 2014
Carol Kim believes shes the first Korean-American to run for elected office in San Diego County, and, to a large extent, she owes the opportunityalong with at least some of her guiding philosophyto her...
Oct. 16 2013
Maybe it was nostalgia for my battle-addled boyhood that caused me to OK the theme suggested by staff writer Alex Zaragoza for this year's Best of San Diego issue, our 11th annual: Take two things...
Oct. 15 2013
Yeah, it was Don Draper who convinced me to make the Old Fashioned my drink of choiceI admit it. Bourbon or rye, bitters, a sweetener and the essence of lemon or orange: so simple, so smooth, so tasty...
Sept. 17 2013
Frye, Gonzalez and Briggs set Filner's downfall in motion. But why these three? CityBeat interviewed the three of them for nearly six hours in two sittings, and the answer might be unsatisfying to some...
July 31 2013
You might learn to be more respectful of women, but the damage is done. You might survive a recall process, but only on technicalities. If a vote were held today on whether you should be mayor,...
July 10 2013
If you go to the government-transparency website GovTrack.us and look for Scott Peters in its Sponsorship Analysis graph, youll find him right where youd expect him to besmack in the center
June 19 2013
This years Drink Issue bears some backlash at the surging craft-cocktail movement, starting with Adam Vieyras whimsical photo illustration on the cover depicting a drink containing broccoli, a bar of gold...


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