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Dec. 20 2011
I might have preferred a little more tragedy to melodrama, but comparing this film with those others is probably unfair. The Artist—opening Friday, Dec. 23—is a fully realized vision; the...
Dec. 14 2011
Yes, Guy Ritchie's direction is flashy, and there are some nicely designed action sequences to suit the action-comedy duo of Holmes and Watson
Dec. 14 2011
Charlize Theron plays Mavis Gray, a 30-something prom queen who ditched the small Minnesota town where she grew up for the bright lights of Minneapolis
Dec. 12 2011
Let's be honest: Most of us are suspicious of wine that comes in anything other than a bottle. I certainly am—it reminds me of that rancid box wine my parents used to serve at parties when I
Dec. 7 2011
Christmas movies. We all have our favorites, and we all have the ones we loathe, because they remind us of our childhoods, or our families, or Christmas itself, or some combination thereof
Dec. 7 2011
There's a lot of sex in the film, but very little of it is sexy. Shame—opening Friday, Dec. 9, at Hillcrest Cinemas—is more like anti-porn, because Brandon does what he does from compulsion...
Nov. 30 2011
Usually, many of the Oscar hopefuls don't hit San Diego until January or February, but most of the presumptive Oscar nominees are actually coming out here in 2011
london boulevard
Nov. 30 2011
There's so much going on that the pace is almost too breakneck, but the breaking of necks is appropriate, since the movie is vicious and violent
Nov. 23 2011
It makes sense that I'd be filled with equal parts anticipation and dread for the release of The Muppets, the franchise reboot that landed in the lap of actor Jason Segel
Nov. 23 2011
These days, filmmakers everywhere are turning to Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to fund their films, and local director Jeffrey Durkin is no different. He's got a campaign going for his latest project, Art is...
Nov. 21 2011
There's nothing quite like leaving a screening of The Muppets just before hitting up WineRave, one of the first events of this year's San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival, to make you feel really, really...
Nov. 16 2011
In the early moments of werner Herzog's new film Into the Abyss, you're introduced to Michael Perry, a baby-faced 28-year-old scheduled to be executed by the state of Texas in a little more than a week's...
Nov. 16 2011
The Descendants is far more straightforward than Payne's previous films. Matt isn't adrift. He's a grownup with real responsibilities. He has money, but he lives frugally
Nov. 9 2011
The film was shot during the course of a very violent year in the Windy City. It's harrowing, and the people being killed are often younger than the youngest currently serving overseas in the military
Nov. 9 2011
The emotions will be familiar to anyone who's dared to do distance. But, Doremus tells CityBeat, he doesn't think of Like Crazy as a long-distance-relationship movie
Nov. 2 2011
Another Halloween is behind us. But that doesn't mean you have to wait until next year for some thrills and chills
Nov. 2 2011
The new movie is set on Christmas Eve, several years after the last one, and Harold and Kumar have drifted apart
Oct. 26 2011
Oddly enough, even though Shakespeare's name is sullied, Anonymous—which opens Friday, Oct. 28—is a must-see for theater folk
Oct. 26 2011
Most cult films are dark comedies—weird, quirky affairs we expect to watch at midnight with our drunken movie-going brethren
Oct. 24 2011
Like he does every year, Bruce was more than happy to say what he knew of each wine. He's an amiable guy, and he's hosting blind tastings on a monthly basis at Wine Cabana in Old Town


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