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Feb. 13 2012
Yes, Feb. 18 is the big day, dedicated to drinking the good stuff, and there are a number of ways to celebrate here in San Diego
Feb. 8 2012
The movie includes interviews with Spector, as well as trial footage. He's a fascinating character who never fit in, and his descriptions of his childhood and his outsider status give a unique insight...
Feb. 8 2012
With the Oscars less than three weeks away, lots of folks are scrambling to see every nominated film before the big day. Newsflash: It just isn't possible
Feb. 1 2012
A woman who's down on her luck and desperate for money discovers that there's a market for an unusual quality she has—enthusiastic crying
Feb. 1 2012
Let's clarify a few things: That's a lousy title for this movie, but it's an understandable one, because when people are faced with crises such as these, they feel like they're gearing up for battle—with...
Jan. 25 2012
This year, the festival will screen a collection of more than 100 shorts, documentaries and foreign and animated movies, focusing on the African-American experience and the African Diaspora
Jan. 25 2012
Sometimes it's subtle; sometimes there's a marked gap between who we pretend to be and who we actually are. This is the central theme in Rodrigo Garcia's new film, Albert Nobbs, which stars Glenn Close...
Jan. 23 2012
Yes, it's OK to be suspicious of a reasonably priced wine you can pick up in a variety of grocery stores in 49 out of 50 states, but Peachy Canyon is made not too far away, up in Paso Robles, by a winery...
Jan. 18 2012
Tattoos in films are nothing new, but in those listed below, they go further than just making a character look badass
Jan. 18 2012
The Dead, helmed by British commercial directors Howard and Jon Ford, was shot in 35-millimeter film in Ghana and Burkina Faso and adheres strictly to George Romero's rules of zombies
Jan. 18 2012
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is precisely the sort of movie I usually dislike. But I let myself be taken on the film's emotional journey, and while I understand charges of exploitation, I...
Jan. 18 2012
Next week, Cretton will return to Park City, Utah, with a new feature, I Am Not a Hipster, shot primarily in San Diego and set amid the city's music and art scene
Jan. 11 2012
Satire aside, The Onion pretty much nailed it recently when it summed up Meryl Streep with the one-line caption “Court Rules Meryl Streep Unable to be Tried by Jury as She Has No Peers.”
Jan. 11 2012
No one can hurt someone more than the people they love, and that's what's at the heart of Roman Polanski's new film, Carnage
Jan. 4 2012
El Bulli: Cooking in Progress, the new documentary from Gereon Wetzel opening at the Ken Cinema on Friday, Jan 6, goes inside the kitchen and strategy sessions of what was generally considered one of the...
Jan. 4 2012
In many ways, Pariah—opening Friday, Jan. 6, at Hillcrest Cinemas—is a story we've seen before—a shy teenager dealing with spring awakening while in conflict with his or her family....
Jan. 2 2012
Aside from that brief flirtation with vegetarianism back in college, I've eaten turkey on Christmas day every year of my life. Well, until this year, when we mixed things up, opting for both salm
Dec. 28 2011
There's a bit of Macbeth and a bit of The Godfather to be found here, though it's certainly not as epic as either of those
Dec. 28 2011
Some people try to come up with the “best” films of the year. Me? I just pick my favorites—movies that move me artistically or emotionally or simply provide me with some bang-bang entertainment....
Dec. 21 2011
Director David Fincher is deservedly regarded as one of the best directors working today, whereas you probably can't even name the guy who crafted the Swedish one


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