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Sept. 23 2015
Whether you love her or hate her, it's hard to ignore Peaches. The Canadian singer and performance artist has engaged and polarized audiences for two decades with musical takes on recurring themes of gender,...
Aug. 12 2015
Raekwon the Chef isnt much of a destiny guy. The Staten Island rapper is more of the you-create-your-own kind. But its impossible not to think that Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is the album he was destined...
June 24 2015
Jacco Gardner is a self-proclaimed dreamer. And not the inspirational-quote-on-a-bumper-sticker type, either. The 27-year-old Dutch singer/songwriter is much more of the literal kind
May 6 2015
Even on the phone, Larry Parypas natural cool is unmistakable. The guitarist and founder of 60s garage rock pioneers The Sonics is direct, devoid of pretense and unfazed by his bands astonishing resurgence...
March 11 2015
Will Holland, aka Quantic, was born in the small English town of Bewdley. Located near the Wyre Forest Nature Reserve in Worcestershire, Bewdley boasts a population of fewer than 10,000 and is a good 130...
Feb. 18 2015
Lucinda Williams' 2007 album, West, was a revelation. Mining the impossible emotions of losing a parent, and guided by her new relationship with Overby, Williams wrote enough material for two albums
Jan. 20 2015
There are many reasons why investing in a yearlong commitment to one attraction makes sense, but none stronger than economy and flexibility. Saving money is awesome
Dec. 10 2014
Johnny Marr has new goals. Youd think the guitarist for The Smiths would be content more than 30 years into his storied career. Hes not
Dec. 3 2014
A band like Allah-Las couldnt come from Brooklyn. They couldnt be from Austin or Portland or any other hipster-band enclave across the country. Theyre just too California
Sept. 17 2014
Armed exclusively with albums from hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataas 41,000- piece record collection, the preeminent DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist are back on the road together for the 28-date Renegades of...
Sept. 10 2014
To coincide with the Last Splashs 20th anniversary, the Deal sisters, Wiggs and MacPherson reunited for a tour that found them playing Last Splash in its entirety every night
June 25 2014
Lee Fields may have to get a pulpit. The man can preach. Put aside the fiery funk jams and sweet soul serenades that define his remarkable 45-year careerwhen the veteran singer talks, its a different...
April 16 2014
The Mens new album, Tomorrows Hitsreleased in March via Sacred Bones Recordsis a wild synthesis of all thats come before it: keys, slide guitar, harmonica and horns over frayed-edge rock n roll
Nov. 20 2013
Sinéad OConnor is an artist who speaks her mind. Throughout her uncompromising 28-year careerin which shes released nine critically acclaimed albumsthe Irish musician has never been shy about sharing...
Oct. 9 2013
Notoriety is a funny thing. While the adage that Any press is good press still seems to hold true, its always tricky business when drunken antics or wild getups steal thunder from a musicians genuine skills. Such...
Nov. 28 2012
John Waters hates Easter. Well, the popular version of it, anyway. Christmas, on the other hand, is a different story
Oct. 9 2012
Patti Smith could retire if she wanted to. Her service record to the artistic community was cemented long ago
April 11 2012
I’ve got some news for the naysayers: Coachella isn’t your little bitch anymore. At 13 years old, the Indio festival is all grown up. And it’s done caring about what you think
Aug. 24 2011
Obits frontman Rick Froberg spent 20 years playing guitar and singing in legendary San Diego indie-rock bands Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes
Dec. 8 2010
Listening to L.A. quintet Darker My Love’s latest record, Alive As You Are, is a bit like hearing your opera-loving co-worker completely nail The Stooges’ “Down on the Street” at...


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