Sept. 4 2012
I had a decision to make. I'd been in Tampa for all of 15 minutes, and I was already late for something, anything, everything-a white rabbit with OCD, searching for Mad Hatters
Sept. 22 2010
DO not, under any circumstances, wake David Lovering. If the Pixies never reunited and the last six years have all just been one elaborately delirious fever dream, the drummer would just as soon keep it...
May 11 2010
The Morning Benders bring echoes of California to the Big Apple
Nov. 24 2009
Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino makes lo-fi pop that's actually, you know, poppy
Nov. 10 2009
Cheer up, little hipster: The Drums combine Joy Division with The Beach Boys, and it doesn't suck
Nov. 3 2009
Our takes on new records by Lou Barlow, The Chinese Stars and Panther
Oct. 6 2009
My attempt to pin down Future of the Left's elusive frontman (and his music) as the band treks through Europe
Aug. 25 2009
Our takes on new records from Discovery, Box Elders and The Dead Weather
Aug. 18 2009
Our takes on new records from Ramona Falls, Casy & Brian and Jay Reatard
Aug. 11 2009
Think you let loose after work? Smashing beer bottles instead of copy machines, life outside the office gets pretty crazy for Pissed Jeans
June 9 2009
White Rabbits court indie stardom with a heavy-buzz album and a double-drum attack
June 2 2009
Once known for his forlorn folk, the bard behind Page France now finds musical Prozac with Cotton Jones
May 19 2009
The sound, the dress, the angst—M83 = '80s youth
March 24 2009
Women is for boys who like girls who like boys who name their band after girls
Feb. 17 2009
By combining an old-time string band sound with modern influences, the Carolina Chocolate Drops have established themselves as leaders in the roots-rock revival
Dec. 2 2008
Choose your own Wu-Tan Clan adventure
Oct. 14 2008
What happens when we make Virgins and Black Kids talk to each other
Oct. 7 2008
Santogold is showing up everywhere—including my inbox
Oct. 7 2008
We pick out the good shows so you don't have to
Sept. 2 2008
A report from the Democratic National Convention


  • Known as the ‘Official Scripps National Spelling Bee Watch Party for Adults,’ guests can cheer on kids in the Scripps National Spelling Bee on ESPN before competing in a spelling bee themselves
  • The renowned Mexican black and white photographer presents an exhibition exploring the principal themes within three groups: "Bestiarium"," Fantastic Women" and "Silent Natures."
  • Debunk some of the stereotypes surrounding cannibalism at this new exhibition that takes a hands-on approach to the subject. Includes video games and interactive activities where patrons will have to decide...
  • A mass action against the closing of the UCSD University Art Gallery. Participants will meet at the Silent Tree (located near the Library Walk) and march together toward the Gallery
  • Local science illustrator Melissa Walter presents new abstract works that are literal interpretations of astronomical theories
  • So Say We All invites listeners to hear stories about real life, the internet, the ways those places intersect or the way they don't intersect at all, told by seven locals
  • The author, comic book writer, and son of Stephen King will sign his new apocalyptic thriller, The Fireman
See all events on Thursday, May 26