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"Untitled 28" by Erica Deeman

Image courtesy of the artist

When it comes to arts education, museums and their curatorial staff have the ability to send powerful messages to attendees, especially young people, through the artists they choose to include in their hallowed halls. more

Thank You For Staring


Photo by Rachel Michelle Fernandes

“We can change the dominant narrative through the arts and photography, especially when we work with kids of color and kids who are displaced and who don’t necessarily always have a voice at the table,” states AjA Director Anjanette Maraya-Ramey. more

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In this new series of columns, I plan on investigating how the local arts community is feeding its young, so to speak, and creating opportunities for kids who can’t afford fancy art camps and private schools. more

Thank You For Staring


Photo by James Tran

In San Diego, the younger set are starting to form collectives to make their voices heard and find strength in numbers, especially in the arts, where public and financial support is constantly wavering. more

Thank You For Staring


Photo by Stacy Keck

Craig Abenilla is interested in stories, and not the multiple stories of boring luxury high-rises. more

Thank You For Staring