For years, Leaf has been using art to document the lives of Olango and others killed by San Diego police with various graphic designs, including a series of portraits he calls “San Diego Stolen Lives.”


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The Floating Library

Looking for a book that delivers chills and thrills this Halloween season but don't have a lot of time? Here are two new novellas that take less time to read than it does to re-watch Friday the 13th
Oct. 3 2016
Gina Frangello's new novel, Every Kind of Wanting, published last month by Counterpoint, is a wolf in sheep's clothing
Sept. 19 2016
Even if you're familiar with the earnest yet offbeat work of Johnston, Cavolo and McClanahan, there's no way to prepare yourself for the visions you'll find between the covers of The Incantations of Daniel...
Debunk some of the stereotypes surrounding cannibalism at this new exhibition that takes a hands-on approach to the subject. Includes video games and interactive activities where patrons will have to decide...
This new exhibition highlights naturalists—both past and present—and the impact their work and observations has had on science via rare books, art, photographs, and historical documents
A new collaborative exhibition that looks at the legacy of the San Diego architect who helped create modern architecture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
The iconic Chicano Park muralist will showcase abstract paintings and drawings from the past 60 years
A critically acclaimed, traveling exhibition of artworks created by Nathan Sawaya and made exclusively from LEGO brick. Works reinterpreted include Van Gogh's "Starry Night," Da Vinci's "Mona...
The first major retrospective devoted to the local artist, woodworker and sculptor. Gronborg's writing will also be featured
This exhibition looks at the powerful photographic work that was produced by Carlos LeGerrette, who was Chavez's assistant in the early 1970s
A new treehouse-inspired installation from local artist Wes Sam-Bruce. The interactive piece features many rooms and passageways, and is accompanied by an original soundscape by composer Joel P. West