It's fair to say Shane Wallin is a breast man. In the past, he's also been an everything-else man. Arms. Legs. Faces. Backs. Yeah, he's been a butt guy, too. At 41 years old and with more than 20 y


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This traveling exhibition is comprised of nearly 200 pieces created by 40 American Jewelry Design Council designers. The exhibit will be on display through June 2016. Reservations are required
This exhibition will feature a new site-specific installation by the British-born, San Diego-based artist, who is known for installations that employ organic materials that are subject to change and decay
Art from the collection of acclaimed artist Jonathan Green and studio director Richard Weedman. Includes paintings an sculptures from a variety of African-American, Caribbean and Latin American artists
A spinoff of the Baby Tattoo independent book publishing company, this exhibition features works from lowbrow and alternative art pioneers such as Audrey Kawasaki, Coop, Rolly Crump, Thomas Kuntz, and...
An exhibition celebrating the cultural influences and personalities in more than 100 American-made walking sticks. Features hand-carved and painted sticks created in 29 states during the 1800s and 1900s
The first major museum exhibition to explore the lure of this legendary playground through the lens of art. Composed of more than 100 paintings, drawings, prints, posters and assorted artifacts
A collection of vintage photographs, mostly shot in the '70s and '80s, that showcase San Diego's ever-changing cityscape
A showcase of the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the 1915 Exposition, featuring a varied collection of music, literature, and decorative arts displayed throughout the museum