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Photo by Dot Pierson

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that music doesn’t save lives. Read more

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After fronting Chicago’s seminal cult ska band Slapstick in the ’90s, Kelly moved on to sing and play bass in his best-known project, The Lawrence Arms. Read more

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Photo by Pooneh Ghana

When an actor tries to spread their musical wings, it sounds like an early midlife crisis. Luckily, Finn Wolfhard—known for playing Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things—is nowhere near the appropriate age for such a breakdown. Read more

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There are right opinions and there are wrong opinions and what I’m about to say is, objectively, a wrong opinion: Hot Snakes are better than Drive Like Jehu. Read more

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Missing Persons are creepy and I love it. Now, they’re not creepy in any traditional sense, but in a Lynchian way. Read more

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