Cathedral X gets a shout-out from Thom Yorke

By Peter Holslin

Radiohead frontman lists local group on his blog—plus, more music news

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke clearly has a knack for digging up underground sounds. Every once in a while, he posts a list of tracks hes been listening to on Radioheads Dead Air Space blog. Last week, a fresh list included a song by local multimedia artists Cathedral X.

The song, Intimacy vs. Isolation (listed by Yorke mistakenly as Intimacy & Desire), is a cut off the groups forthcoming cassette EP, Child, which will come out via Mario Ordunos Dream Recordings imprint on Nov. 20. The track seems to be right up Yorkes alley: A two-minute piece of free-form experimentation, it mixes a strange, metallic beat with singsong, pitch-bent vocals.

Intimacy vs. Isolation is available for streaming on Cathedral Xs Bandcamp page, but member Amanda Schoepflin says she has no idea how Yorke found it. The group hasnt gotten any major blog attention lately, and Orduno says hes stumped, too. But the group certainly appreciates the attention.

Its an honor to be supported by Thom, Schoepflin says in an email, noting that shes seen a steady uptick in activity on the groups Soundcloud page since Yorkes shout-out. His work has always been an influence to us. I admire his sense of immersion with music and to find that he enjoys our work is a great compliment.

Adds member Paul Remund: After making Cathedral X our main priority, through various sacrifices, it is definitely a reminder that we are doing the right thing.

Theres a new hip-hop group in town: Hell.Note. Consisting of MCs / producers Artoo and Generik and DJ Adamnt, the trio keeps it fun with old-school beats, scratching and beat-boxing. But their name references something a bit more serious—in China and other East Asian cultures, people burn so-called Hell bank notes, pieces of faux currency, as offerings to the deceased. Theyre currently working on an instrumental cassette release, and theyll play at Boar Crossn in Carlsbad on Nov. 8. Listen at

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