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What a tool

I have long been a believer in independent magazines and have done my best to support them. From the Reader to Revolt to your own magazine, I have always enjoyed their wit, wisdom and generally good writing. That is not to say that I have not read an article and thought to myself, Boy, that story sucked and moved on to something I like better. I think that if you are reading or watching something you do not like, you stop it, you don't write and complain or call the editor and tell them how offended you are. Just turn the fricking page if you don't like it, or change the channel. So I find myself in a dilemma as I write this letter. I know I should just turn the page, but I just can't this time. Steve Mayberry is a tool. His restaurant reviews are asinine and make no sense. Well, wait, they do make sense if you are a drunken, white-trash, poser, semi-literate asshole. Then maybe I could relate, but I just don't get it. When I read a restaurant review, I expect some sort of mention of food, service, decor, wine list, prices-anything that has to do with dining at said establishment. I don't want stories of elephant excrement, girlfriends on crack, or how drunk the writer is (which seems to be all the time). This guy is an idiot. I don't know if he is the owner's son, or has seen the editor in the bear suit, or pays you guys to print his lame-ass stories. There is a place for guys like this-it's called an Internet chat room. Do us all a favor and get rid of this guy. If I wanted restaurant reviews where the writer just talks about himself, I would read some old Eleanor Widmer reviews. Unfortunately, Mr. Mayberry makes Eleanor look like Tolstoy. My suggestion to you is to hire 10 monkeys, lock them in a room with typewriters and wait for your next restaurant review to be cranked out. It could not be any worse than what you have now. Patrick Korn, North Park Eatin' watermelon What a great day for California it is-that is, if you're not a bleeding-heart, snivel-liberal! The Democrats have just shit their adult diapers, and the Terminator is now the Governator! The slime buckets at the L.A. Times tried everything to stop Arnie's campaign-30-year-old allegations from un-named sources about groping, smoking pot, sex parties and Nazi sympathies a week before an election, and the public saw right though it. It also hardly surprises me that the editorial staff at shitty, err, CommieBeat is whining, too. Your endorsement and praise of Camejo and Puff'ington would be almost laughable if you weren't so serious. I strongly doubt Ms. Beak would be making fun of a Hispanic that had been here for 30 years and quote, “can barely speak English.” Relax, honey, I know this is going to be hard for the CityBeat staff to accept, but you're all going to have to get used to the “greenhead Republican” idea of keeping more of your own money through less taxation. Bustamante's whiny, sore-loser speech was hardly a concession. This guy really is a moron! Someone should ask him the wisdom behind making snide comments about his future boss. Yes, CityBeat, the people of this state have had enough of Gray Davis' economic idiocy. We have rejected Camejo's socialist bullshit, too, and overwhelmingly, I might add. But Huffington also proved that there are also 42,000 confirmed idiots living here-most of them-gasp!-live in the Bay Area. What a surprise! So keep nursing your hangovers in your Mission Valley offices and try to grasp the economic changes that can only take place under a fiscally conservative, business friendly, Republican approach. The people of this state have sent a major wakeup call to the politicians, “We'd rather be groped by Arnold than screwed by Davis.” You Che Guevara wannabes should have the peaceful, sensitive and wonderful watermelon as your political symbol-green on the outside, red on the inside. Jeff Webster, Allied Gardens Find the facts So, Mr. Decker crossed a picket line, then felt bad about it [“Sordid Tales,” Oct. 22]. In order to feel better about himself, he decides to write, bashing the workers. How sad of a person are you, Decker? Besides, your article did not deal with any of the issues that lead the workers to strike. Should I think you have no idea what the issues are? I am sure you don't know. So, here is a novel idea: Next time you feel bad about something you did that you know you are not supposed to do, try to find facts. Here are some facts: The groceries want to slash the workers' health benefits by half. They want all newly hired workers to have a pay scale that is half of what it is now. They no longer want to contribute to the workers' retirement fund. Now I see how Decker points out how greedy the striking workers are. By the way, the workers voted by more than 95 percent to strike. Not the union leaders. Teferi Gebre, Clairemont