By Nobody

7 days in San Diego...

Monday, Aug. 11Thirteen-year-old Floriberta Jiménez Torres, a resident of Oaxaca, Mexico, managed to extract herself from a hidden compartment in an SUV that had been seized at the border two days earlier and sat in the vehicle until a storage-yard worker found her. The little girl had been smuggled across the border and stayed hidden for 42 hours after the SUV was seized, the driver arrested and another smugglee, a woman, discovered in a separate compartment.Tuesday, Aug. 12The San Diego Chargers football team elisted the media in taking its case to the court of public opinion as hired gun Mark Fabiani announced that, if the team's interpretation of its stadium lease with the city is right, the Chargers could buy their way out of their contract-and out of San Diego-for roughly $10 million. Fabiani also started leaking some specifics of the Chargers' ongoing private negotiations with city officials.Wednesday, Aug. 13In City Heights, diagnosed paranoid-schizophrenic motorist Carl Thompson stabbed San Diego Police officer Jonathan Deguzman in the chest after a traffic stop and took off on foot, followed by the wounded cop, who managed to aim his gun and bust a cap in Thompson's ass-literally.Thursday, Aug. 14A SWAT team descended upon a Spring Valley home, flashed a search warrant and found 23 guns-14 rifles and nine handguns-and 2 ounces of pure meth. They arrested two men and a woman on drug and weapons charges.Friday, Aug. 15A week after a Border Patrol official in San Diego issued a directive banning agents from stopping suspected undocumented immigrants on the local streets, some higher-ups in the nation's capital put the kibosh on it, restoring the agents' freedom to sweep the streets at will. The directive was issued six days after agents arrested a family of immigrants less than a block away from the Mexican Consulate in Little Italy, prompting Consulate officials to cry foul and charge the Border Patrol with preying on Mexican citizens visiting the Consulate.Saturday, Aug. 16A bunch of people showed up at Chicano Park in Barrio Logan-as well as in Escondido and Oceanside-to rally for Senate Bill 60, which was in the state Assembly awaiting a vote before moving on to Gov. Gray Davis' desk for a signature. The bill, an earlier version of which Davis had vetoed, would allow undocumented immigrants to legally obtain driver's licenses so they can more easily contribute to society. Davis has said he'll sign it, prompting critics to charge that he's pandering to Latinos in a state where polls show a majority of Californians favor curbing services to illegal immigrants.Sunday, Aug. 17The Chargers, rapidly falling into disfavor among San Diegans for reasons other than football, lost their second straight pre-season game, this time to the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 16-10. This, just days before the team was set to begin unveiling its stadium-redevelopment proposal.