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Joyce Carol Oates Feb 26, 2015 As part of the Point Loma Nazarene University Writer's Symposium by the Sea, the legendary poet and novelist will give an informal speech followed by a signing. 64 other events on Thursday, February 26
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Monday, February 23,2015
The Short List

MAS Attack 8, San Diego Vintage Flea Market, Barrio Seed Bank and more

Our top picks of San Diego events this week

Max Presneill wanted to do something to help take some of the pressure and anxiety out of the art-exhibition process. The former gallerist and current museum curator also wanted to bring artists together in a fun atmosphere.
Monday, February 16,2015
The Short List

San Diego Improv Festival, How Long Is the Present: Selected Talk Poems of David Antin & 7 Billion Others

Our top picks of San Diego events this week

San Diego's comedy scene is blowing up. We detailed the renaissance in our Feb. 4 issue, concluding that those annoying road trips to Los Angeles to perform or see quality comedy are things of the past.
Monday, February 9,2015
The Short List

What Was Is, Ramona and Tantrums & Tiaras

Plus all our other favorite things to do this week in San Diego

Architect and artist Roy McMakin designed the theme of the show and will display his work along with local artists Mathieu Gregoire, David Jurist, Jean Lowe and Roman de Salvo. Also participating are architects Jennifer Luce, James Enos and James Brown, as well as writers Emily Hicks and Bruna Mori.

Monday, February 2,2015
The Short List

The Marvel Experience, Culture & Cocktails and Vermin on the Mount

Plus all our other favorite things to do this week

Marvel at it It's official: Comic characters are mainstream. Thanks to the recent wave of blockbuster movies, even non-geeks who've never touched a comic book recognize the likes of Wolverine,
Monday, January 26,2015
The Short List

Alex Prager, San Diego Fermentation Festival and Cognitive Camouflage

Our top picks of San Diego events this week

When you look at Alex Prager's work, a handful of influences come to mind: Alfred Hitchcock, color-photography pioneer Williams Eggleston, David Lynch, Cindy Sherman.
Monday, January 19,2015
The Short List

Laugh-in: Art, Comedy, Performance; Cabaret au Balcon and 2015 Human Rights Watch Film Festival

Our top three picks of San Diego events this week

There are some comedians—like late greats Richard Pryor and Andy Kaufman—whose stand-up acts are so provocative and theatrical, they could easily be categorized as performance artists, especially if the gigs take place in an art museum rather than a comedy club.
Monday, January 12,2015
The Short List

Coast to Cactus in Southern California, Narratives of Resilience: Reimagining Homeland and San Diego Comedy Festival

Our top three picks of San Diego events this week

Coast to Cactus will take folks on a hike that begins at Peñasquitos Lagoon, then heads to Torrey Pines, then to that North Clairemont backyard and adjacent canyon bottom.
Monday, January 5,2015
The Short List

Jars, Records Collecting Dust and SoundON Festival

Our top three picks of San Diego events this week

When artist and educator Terri Hughes-Oelrich was a kid, she was enchanted by the sight of dozens of jars filled with various colors and textures of food and ingredients lined up in her grandpa’s cupboards.
Monday, December 29,2014
The Short List

Geezer's 10th Anniversary, A Culture Shock Nutcracker: A Holiday Hip Hop Dance Theatrical and Spreckels Organ Centennial

Our top three picks of San Diego events this week

A decade ago, Adam Gimbel started Geezer, a Weezer cover band with a geriatric theme: They dress like Florida retirees, take the stage with the help of walkers and canes and have sexy nurses attend to them during the show.
Monday, December 22,2014
The Short List

Hannibal Buress, San Diego Ballet's Nutcracker and a classic rock-and-soul Christmas Eve show

Our top three picks of San Diego events this week

In search of some fresh material for his New Year’s Eve standup show in San Diego, comedian Hannibal Buress said he’ll be roaming around Downtown earlier that day.