Beer Issue

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The Beer Issue

Honestly, what more is there to say about beer? Our city loves it and seems to have an unparalleled and insatiable appetite for anything hoppy. We love it so much, we’ll wake up at dawn on a Saturday just to go wait in line and just so we can get a taste of a limited edition keg. We love it so much, that places like L.A. and Denmark are poaching our brewers. We love it so much we’ve won more medals than Michael Phelps and have more tasting rooms than Napa. We love it so much we’re building a freakin’ beer hotel!

Beer: it’s what we do and we do it well. And just when we think we’re living in a proverbial beer bubble that’s about to burst, a fresh face will break into the scene with some mind-blowing concoction that further cements our reputation as the beer destination. Still, we’ll leave the fluffy listicles and PR-driven drivel about the beer scene to other publications. This issue isn’t just about beer. It’s about the trends, the people and the behind-the-scenes actions that make us proud to live in what has truly become America’s Finest Beer City. 

Sorry Portland. Sorry Milwaukee. Sorry Germany. Kiss the ring. 

—Seth Combs