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The Beer Issue

I remember my first sip of Arrogant Bastard Ale like it was yesterday. 

I had just moved to San Diego from Atlanta, and Stone’s most famous ale was my first introduction to what was then a burgeoning local beer scene. Some would argue that San Diego’s reputation as a beer destination was already solidified by the early aughts, but for someone who grew up with a rather limited palate—thanks to years of thinking Samuel Adams and Pete’s Wicked Ale (RIP) were craft options—that first mind-blowing sip of Stone’s “aggressive beer” was all I needed to convince me that the hype was real. 

Over 15 years later, San Diego has solidified itself as not only the craft beer destination, but as a city that’s consistently setting industry trends and developing the most coveted brewers in the world. A little over a dozen breweries has skyrocketed into over a hundred. When relatives visit me from out of town, the zoo and Balboa Park often take a backseat to brewery tours and tastings. The community is as passionate as ever, as evidenced by anytime a corporate-owned brewery opens. Yeah, the community can be a little territorial, but they have every right to be.

Cappy intro 2018For this annual issue, our writers took a look at some of the more understated aspects of the industry. From the popularity of music-themed beers and the art design that goes into labels, to the undying attraction to the 40-ounce bottle and brewers returning to San Diego after moving away. There’s even articles on ciders and the future of Cannabis-friendly brews. The whole idea is not to ignore the current trends of the beer scene, but to give the reader an indication as to what might be the next big thing as the industry heads into the future. 

—Seth Combs