People of the Year


Sometimes you just have to keep it simple. 

When we were trying to come up with a new name for our annual issue showcasing some of the best and brightest names in the city, some rather silly names were suggested. We used to call this feature “Best of San Diego: People” in hopes that it would stand out among similar features in other publications. But when it comes to people, the word “best” just doesn’t quite fit. Sure, the people featured on the next five pages are some of the brightest in their respective fields, but we’re not about to call this issue “Bright San Diegans” or the like. 

So let’s just call it what it is: Our “People of the Year.” Whether it’s a former refugee-turned-activist or a craft beer attorney, these people deserve some special recognition and that is what this issue is all about.

Oh, and yes, it just so happens they’re all women. Deal with it. 

People of the Year 2018


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“Sexiest People”

“Top Innovators” 

“Movers and Shakers”

Seems like everywhere we look these days, there's some kind of arbitrary list of people we're all supposed to be paying attention to. Profiles of people who are doing exciting, unique and potentially innovative things in their respective fields. Or they're just supposedly good-looking. 

Screw that.

Rather, screw the idea of doing a typical, thematic list of the "best" people. What's wrong with just taking the time to point out 20 of the coolest people in town, regardless of age, gender or looks? 

So yeah, that's what we did here. After an exhaustive curatorial process and a few inter-office arguments, we came up with a list of exciting people who are as diverse as San Diego itself. Some of them had big years and some are set to have an even bigger 2018, and while we're still tentative on labeling them the "best," they certainly make San Diego better. 

Best of San Diego: People


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