Drink Issue

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It’s a story as old as time. Someone makes something particularly innovative. Everybody loves it. Then, some upstart comes along and says, “I’m going to make it even better” often sprucing up and tricking out the original creation in the process. And while innovation is always a good thing, there’s something to be said for tradition. After all, if something is considered a “classic,” it has that distinction for a reason. 

Nowhere is this logic more relevant than in the cocktail world. It can be contentious sometimes (think about the eyerolls that ensue when someone orders an appletini), but it’s more than simply a battle between strict originalism and liberal innovation. For bartenders, it’s about respecting their proverbial drink-slinging forebearers while also honoring their own creative instincts.

But for us, it’s all about what tastes good. Finding that perfectly balanced and meticulously made classic cocktail can transport us back to the time and place where we first tried it. Or, it can be finding that clever, crafty and creative drink that we may have otherwise never tried. The 16 drinks in this feature are more than adequate representations of this classic versus craft dichotomy. They also happen to taste really damn good as well.