Food Issue

(The) Food Issues

When it comes to food, we all have issues. 

When it comes to dining out, many of us would rather just order food that we already know we enjoy. And whether it’s because we’ve tried a dish in the past or it just doesn’t appeal to us, our feeling of adventurousness often disappears as we get older resulting in something of a foodie rut. 

So for our annual food issue we decided to explore, well, those issues. For some, it was about confronting trauma and distressing childhood incidents involving food. For others, it was a matter of trying foods they’d never thought to eat before; essentially daring ourselves to get out of our comfort zones. For one writer, it was about trying some of the more exotic dishes in her hometown of Tijuana, while for another, it was simply about trying to like some of the more benign condiments that most people already use.

But for all the writers, this issue was a means to offer readers unique dishes with an angle that isn’t often explored by other local publications. After all, a food issue should be recommendations as well as a reader service. Readers might not be ready to try fried worms, jellyfish or even the beet soup on the cover, but we do hope this issue serves as an inspiration to readers to get out there and get out of their comfort zones.