Staycation Issue


From lakeside birdwatching to forest trails, it’s all right here

We San Diegans know we’re spoiled. So when it comes time to take a vacation, it’s not entirely inconceivable that we might just stay in town, soak up some sun and do all those things we’ve been meaning to cross off our local bucket lists. 

That’s exactly what the five writers on these pages had in mind when we first conceived an annual “staycation” issue. Yes, the zoo and the beaches are great, but what about the under-the-radar adventures we’d always wondered about? Of course, there’s inevitably things we had to leave out, but the five stories below should be proof that our county is invariably diverse when it comes to local activities. If anything, we hope that they inspire readers to get out there, get out of their comfort zone and plan a local adventure of their own.