December 14, 2016 Issue

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When the licensed marijuana dispensary OutCo hired Allison Justice as its VP of Cultivation three months ago, she was shocked by the El Cajon-based lab's use of a high-priced fertilizer. Read more



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The miracle of The Mystery of Love and Sex is how Jonny (John W. Wells III), a well-intentioned but conflicted college student, doesn't go completely flippo on account of all the self-destructive narcissists... Read more



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Monday was Inauguration Day in the city of San Diego, when all the new kids join with the old kids to pledge mostly unattainable goals in the most upbeat tones available on the human spectrum. Read more

Spin Cycle


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Weight of the Sun is releasing a new beer in conjunction with the debut of their new album, Vermont. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

CityBeat's live music picks for the week of 12-14-2016. Read more

If I Were U

Warsaw, composed of members of KATA and ILYA, are another name to add to the list of goth-influenced bands making some ripples in our sun-oppressed city. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Early in 2016, Tall Can and Generik released their debut album, Fungi.Psyche.Boots, which earned the coveted "ExtraSpecialGood" designation in CityBeat's annual Great Demo Review. Read more

Music Feature

La La Land, which opens Friday, Dec. 16, exists in a world where race is never an issue and your dream job is but a brave decision away. Read more


Pablo Larraín's Jackie immerses you in this sequestered conversation before flashing back to the events immediately leading up to and after Nov. 22, 1963. Read more


There are probably white people reading this thinking, "That's ridiculous!" Please consider that most white people have one Black friend, as reported by the Public Religion Research Institute. Read more

At the Intersection


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Either way, I disagree. The act of incinerating Old Glory as a form or protest is not "despicable" and it's certainly not "unpatriotic." It is one of the loveliest and most dutiful things a citizen can do. Read more

Sordid Tales

Every once in a while I encounter a work of very short fiction that provides the same thrill of discovering something new while redefining what a short story can be. Meredith Alling's Sing the Song (Future Tense Books) is one such book. Read more

The Floating Library

When Rey Knight opened Butcher's Brewing in 2013, the small suburb of Santee was known for a number of things—not all of them good—but beer was not one of them. Not much had changed by the time Butcher's rebranded as Finest Made Ales in August 2016. Read more

The Beerdist


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The "Tortas Washmobile" name may sound like something right out of a Saturday Night Live sketch but the carne asada tortas it slings are what every little carne asada torta wants to be when it grows up. Read more

The World Fare


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On the rare nights when I am out and about, my lack of knowledge forces me to go to diners or taco shops. There's nothing wrong with those, but it's always good to have options. I'm glad I found one with West Coast Tavern (2895 University Ave.). Read more

Dishing It Out