April 29, 2015 Issue

Construction costs should be footed by and large by team ownership and the deep-pocketed NFL, and through other creative means (naming rights, personal seat licenses, etc.) that don't tap the city's general fund. Read more

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Across 1. Collegiate Iowa city 5. Princess in a Baum book 9. Prepare veggies 14. Jack Black's alma mater 15. ___ court 16. Roger follower 17. Concluding words about David Ortiz's tea Read more


The cover photograph of Good Samaritan acupuncturist Drew Pollack was shot by University of San Diego grad Jamie Dickerson. Read more

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Many of us have long since transitioned to reading books via Kindle or other tablet formats, but there's still nothing quite so satisfying as cracking open the spine of a book and flipping through the pages of a good story. Read more

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