August 19, 2015 Issue

The recent fracas over siting DecoBike docking stations in Pacific Beach (following a long-delayed downtown rollout) prompted me to look back at the 2013 contract between the private company and the city. Read more

From the Editor

Live performance is the essence of who Savages are and what they do. In a phone call from a hotel room in Italy between festival performances, Thompson explains that, for a while, it was the only thing that mattered to them. Read more

Music Feature

During this steaming summer that only an ogre could love, Moonlight Stage Productions' Shrek: The Musical is the next best thing to air conditioning. Read more

Theater Read more


At the core lies a fundamental tension between agriculture, which uses about 80 percent of Colorado River water, and the watershed's growing cities, which desperately want to use more of it. Read more


A colorful new sculpture stands tall on Fairmount Avenue in City Heights. Titled "Cultural Fusion" by artist Jim Bliesner, the large-scale piece itself is striking, but it represents the beginning of something much bigger. Read more

Seen Local

Burning Man kicks off Aug. 30 in a desert in northern Nevada, but a group of local festivalgoers has been prepping for the famed annual event since April. Read more

Seen Local

German director Christian Petzold has long been fascinated by the way characters hide past indiscretions to avoid future punishments. Read more


It's only three weeks from opening night when Gercke and John's new nonprofit theater company, Backyard Renaissance, will debut with a production of Jez Butterworth's bittersweet Parlour Song . Read more


We side-eyed knowing we were in trouble before our chauffeur laughed and said, "I didn't expect you guys to be white!" Read more

Backwards & in High Heels

The most interesting and exciting startup I've seen in the San Diego area is Wrapify, a tech company with an advertising angle that accentuates individual empowerment. Read more

All Things Tech

Filmmaker Gulliver Parascandolo didn't know much about the captivating costumed sect either, until he decided to turn his fancy two-lens 3D camera their way. Read more

Short List Event Picks

It used to be that if you blinked while driving along downtown's India Street you missed Little Italy's short restaurant row. Of late, the eating experience has expanded one street west, to Kettner Boulevard. Read more

Urban Eats

Today on STP, we have rhymer-songwriter, Rob Deez in the studio. Also, The News with Claudia Russell, a reading of Sordid Tales The Column called "Am I an Alcoholic or a Boozer", and of course Ed Decker's Mandatory Audio Gem of the Month.  St... Read more