July 1, 2015 Issue

An individual with nine billion dollars in self-proclaimed net worth could, theoretically, make the Greek government's outstanding loan payment. That kind of capital, however, can't buy you class, common sense or the ability to keep your ow... more

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The average voter turnout in New Jersey's primary elections is just 8 percent, and it costs taxpayers $12 million to administer each election cycle. more

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It's a modest trek of about 1,110 feet up to the top of The Van Dam Peak. But be warned, there area a few areas where the incline slopes up quite steeply, and you may have to stop every now and then to take a breather. more

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Backwards & in High Heels

Fourth of July might be the event highest on everyone's minds this week, but rather than hit you with a silly list of all-too-obvious places to watch the fireworks, we'll just ignore all the red, white and blue in favor of an under-the-rada... more

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Earlier this year, we watched Los Angeles-based artist bumblebeelovesyou paint a child playing with a cootie catche... more


Alpine's tenfold expansion is just down the road from their original Alpine Boulevard location, even closer to the Highway 8 on-ramp than before. more

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