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Democracy functions best when the most people participate. And if you accept that standard, our democracy is not functioning well. more

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This weekend is a well-deserved opportunity for the San Diego LGBT community to celebrate tangible progress in an evolution of attitude, most notably, the Supreme Court's thunderbolt ruling. more

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"Where's my penis?" That's the question three-year-old Arielle Zelkind kept asking while potty training. "I told her that she didn't have one because she's a girl," says mom, Edit Zelkind. "She told me I had it wrong, that she was actually ... more

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If ever there was a time for the LGBT community and their allies to celebrate big-time, this would be it. Love won. more

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Well, That Was Awkward

The tides turned when Teri Fahrendorf became the second woman craft brewmaster in the United States, eventually earning eight GABF medals and countless other accolades in her nearly-three-decade brewing history. more

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