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From beyond the grave, one woman's story is moving California, and the nation, in the direction of right-to-die legislation. Read more

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That's the Panopticon in a nutshell. They may not be watching you, but maybe they are, so you'd better reconsider what you say and do on social media and everywhere else. Read more

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We can't think of two foods we'd rather eat in bulk than oysters and sausages. Ok, maybe pizza, but we've never heard of a festival devoted entirely to pizza. Wow, a pizza festival. Someone needs to make that happen. Read more

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Years ago, there was a working farm called La Milpa Organica in the foothills of North Escondido. It was at the end of a dusty dirt road, just a few hundred yards from Interstate 15. I went to a vegan potluck on those farm grounds. Read more

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