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Only a few weeks before Election Day, CNN-America's most trusted purveyor of unverified information-broke a story revealing that a political aide to candidate Carl DeMaio had accused the openly gay Republican of sexual harassment. Read more

News & Opinion

If you don't care for summer schlockbusters and are tired of sequels, there's an indie biopic making the rounds that just might score with voters when it's awards time in Iowa next year. Read more

From the Editor

“I hate that shit,” says Pearson, over coffee in Mission Hills. “I like the concept and ethics of hardcore and punk. It's so important..." Read more

Music Feature

When it was noted that Banker's Hill Bar + Restaurant serves a new cocktail called Stay Classy, I calculated there are literally thousands of other drinks I could sample, but I was 72 percent sure I would love this one. Read more

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Backwards & in High Heels

Golden Hill doesn't get as much love as, say, North Park and Downtown, but that'll change this weekend when Hill-dwellers will be out in full force on Saturday, June 20, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. for the Golden Hill Community Balboa Park 1915... Read more

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The first time I interviewed Jen Guerin she was a contestant on HGTV's reality show Design Star. It was 2009, and a public relations flack in New York got us on a conference line. Read more

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