November 11, 2015 Issue

Veteran’s Day is an appropriate holiday to take stock of a dire situation facing too many of our city’s heroes who served in the armed services: homelessness. Read more

From the Editor


Eileen Bowman as Judy Garland in End of the Rainbow

She survived a cyclone in The Wizard of Oz, but Judy Garland could not survive the train wreck that was a life devastated by alcohol and drug abuse, and by the pressures of the kind of superstardom we take for granted today. Read more


Yo La Tengo just might be the best cover band in America. There’s just one catch: They’re not actually a cover band. For 31 years, the Hoboken, New Jersey, band has been steadily amassing a sizable catalog of wonderfully fuzzy indie rock. Read more

Music Feature

Filled with audio tapes, exploitative books and movies, survivors’ personal reflections, artwork and photos, the exhibit at SDSU is an attempt to explain the Peoples Temple to the world, and also to the survivors themselves. Read more


By the day, Spin Cycle is gaining more appreciation for the work of attorneys in our midst. Where else can a weekly columnist of twisted mind unearth such rare earthy samples of literary gold in a town with a mayor who’s button is perpetual... Read more

Spin Cycle

My event took place on April 15 of this year on First Street between by Ralph’s Supermarket. At that time, as well as now, I was/am disabled and I walk with the aid of a walker with four wheel, due to my degenerating hip. Prior to my incide... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Back in 2002, the Museum of Contemporary Art was looking for a way to get new visitors out to the museum's downtown location while also appealing to its regular patrons. The first Thursday Night Thin Read more

Seen Local

Kurt Russell's loudmouthed truck driver Jack Burton is just a tourist in John Carpenter's 1986 supernatural action film Big Trouble in Little China , which involves (for starters) exploding green flames, warring Chinatown street gangs and t... Read more


Sam Fuller's Park Row and Alan J. Pakula's All the President's Men are proof positive that investigative journalism makes for more exciting cinema. Read more


A few years ago, Eloise Duff's son began insisting she document her life. He had a sense his mother kept notes and journals of her very eventful life, but Duff says he probably didn't have any idea what she'd end up churning out. Read more

Seen Local

The Frights have signed to Dangerbird Records. The garage-punk trio will release their first album for the label, You Are Going to Hate This, on Feb. 12. The deal between the band and the label is jus Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

This weekend is San Diego Music Thing, a three-day, multi-venue festival showcasing a diverse array of local and touring bands, and the lineup this year is pretty strong. Since you can buy a weekend b Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

The UK's Squeeze have been playing perfect new wave pop since the late '70s, and they're still going with their first new set of songs since the '90s, and a back catalog worthy of celebration. Read more

If I Were U

Being at a festival solely devoted to apples, I undergo this remarkable transformation where I suddenly can’t care about anything besides apples. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward

Not long after starting this tech column gig, I was talking to a bunch of people around town about Internet security, how bad it is, masking your ISP and whether it's even worth it, and other tasty tidbits the government and corporate spies... Read more

All Things Tech

My husband and I bought our small-but-mighty home in the blandly named College Area in 2002. Newly married and in a fortunate position to buy thanks to a generous loan from my mother (that's an example of generational wealth unavailable to ... Read more

Backwards & in High Heels

The tonkotsu style dominates San Diego's ramen scene. That milky-white, meaty broth made from slowly boiled pork bones is certainly a powerhouse. Read more

The World Fare

It was getting close to noon on a Saturday in Little Italy. I was cranky, partly because I was walking with a limp. Not because I am old, but my right knee is. (Meniscus, who needs it?) My girlfriend Read more

Urban Eats


Photos courtesy of Fall Brewing Company

Over the past year, thirsty patrons have gathered in a cement-lined, yet warmly cozy auto repair warehouse turned tasting room near the northern end of 30th Street. Here, they sip craft creations from Fall Brewing Company. Read more

Final Draught