October 28, 2015 Issue

Quei Bravi Ragazzi (QBR) Francesca Italian Kitchen (90 North Coast Highway 101) in Encinitas has that offbeat European charm that I love so much. There is an enthusiastic and completely un-ironic embrace of certain parts of American culture... Read more

, The North Fork

Is San Diego ready to regulate the sprawling business of selling bud? With the state’s newly minted rules for permitting the medical-cannabis industry, local officials have some sticky decisions to make. Read more

News & Opinion

The first sound you hear on Windhand's new album Grief's Infernal Flower is the comforting crackle of fire. The second sound is one familiar to fans of the Richmond-based five-piece: an electric guitar. Read more

Music Feature

Cygnet Theatre in Old Town has wrapped its annual two-showsin-repertory project around Noël Coward, and that’s a security blanket. Ninety years after they were written, Coward’s Hay Fever and The Vortex remain quick-witted drawing-room thea... Read more


My young, vivacious friend Hannah Martine was diagnosed with breast cancer in August. She’s just 29. She’s geared up for the fight of her life, though, armed with an amazing attitude, chemotherapy, surgery next spring, radiation, and drug h... Read more

From the Editor

Parents who are foolish enough to bring children into this irrational world should not expect a Utopian reality. To be born in any era of human history is to be subject to many vulnerabilities. But to be born into today’s world is madness. ... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Over recent months, San Diego Fire Department officials have increasingly become uncomfortable with ambulance service in the city. Read more



Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

Early last week, Mayor Kevin Faulconer was probably gleefully gazing out his 11th-floor window, envisioning an easy glide into a second term come next June and—by golly, why not!—a shot at the governorship in 2018. Read more

Spin Cycle

Failure reunited last year after being broken up for 17 years, and I couldn't be happier. Read more

If I Were U

There’s a new all-ages venue in town. Starting next month, Lamppost Warehouse in Linda Vista (5444 Napa St.) will begin hosting live music. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year for live music in San Diego. I'd guess that's true for most cities, but I've gone out to see live music every Halloween night since at least 2008, and I don't recall any that didn't sell ou... Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


“Three Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Threads”

Photo by Michael James Armstrong“Three Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Threads” The masterfulness of Michael James Armstrong's aptly titled "Three Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Threads" co Read more

Seen Local


Photo by Seth Combs

"It's so creepy," exclaims a little girl barely out of toddlerhood as she walks by the recently opened Teros Gallery. Gallery owner Alejandra Frank laughs heartily upon hearing such an unfiltered assessment of something that, for her, has b... Read more

Seen Local

Resolved to the necessity of violence in order to achieve peace, The Keeping Room begins with a horrifically pragmatic quote from General William Sherman: "War is cruelty...the crueler it is the sooner it will be over." Read more


It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes one to clean up a particularly heinous mess. Sebastián Silva’s Nasty Baby oscillates between these two ideas with a strange mix of hipster angst, melodrama and dark comedy. Read more


Halloween was once a kid-centric holiday centered on dressing up, collecting candy and maybe smashing some jack-o-lanterns along the way. Read more

Short List Event Picks

It's that time of the month again for me. I'm not talking about Aunt Flo, either, because I don't have a whole lot of visits from her at this particular life juncture, if you know what I'm saying. Read more

Backwards & in High Heels

There’s nothing goth about the Comic Sans font. I stare at the San Diego Pagan Pride Day’s website, not really knowing what I expected. Something eviler, no doubt. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward

Black Hole is set in a near-future San Francisco where massive gentrification has ruined the city Chuck loves. Chuck, a hard-partying old punk, lives in a rented room and works for a startup that sells genetically modified miniwhales to the... Read more

The Floating Library

Celebrating the very BEST of San Diego Read more

Free Stuff


Photo courtesy of Pure brewing

Three things help Pure Project Brewing (9030 Kenamar Drive, Suite #308) stand out from the wildly saturated San Diego craft beer scene. Read more

Final Draught