September 30, 2015 Issue

Though not all of its choreographed, wordless love stories have a happy ending, the Old Globe's world-premiere In Your Arms is a joyous experience for the theatergoer and a triumph of artistic collaboration. more


While you do pay a whopping $20 per year, the sheer amount and mismatched conglomeration of boxes has become a visual blight all over San Diego. Maybe you could spearhead a uniform rack system such as the ones in other nice cities, includin... more

Letters to the Editor


Photo by John R. Lamb

The old walls of George Mullen's Market Street workspace—dubbed StudioRevolution—are filled with paintings (nudes and landscapes, interspersed with his “City of Life” renderings) that might belie the button-down appearance of their creator. more

Spin Cycle

The votes have been cast, the social media campaigns have run their course and soon we'll find out who will take home trophies at the 25th anniversary San Diego Music Awards ceremony. more

Music Feature


Photo by Michael McConnell / LinkedIn

San Diego's homeless community needs a lot of things, but what it could desperately use right now is a champion. A power player. more

From the Editor

The nearly two-year battle over the fate of Civic San Diego has landed on Gov. Jerry Brown's desk in the form of AB 504. Authored by Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, the bill would allow nearly all projects approved by the land-use nonprofit... more


This week's cover photo of The Burning of Rome at the 2009 San Diego Music Awards was shot by John Hancock. more


Ridley Scott's never been known to have a lighthearted touch. The British-born auteur of such dark classics as Alien and Blade Runner usually favors characters on the brink of extinction. more


Ryan Betschart and Rachel Nakawatase are on a mission. The dynamic duo behind San Diego Underground Film Festival's inaugural program screening on Saturday, Oct. 3 at the Ultrastar Mission Valley Cinemas, is hoping "to bring the world's bes... more


For the last two years, I've assembled both my predictions and picks for winners at the San Diego Music Awards. And in that time, I've learned a couple things about the awards. more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

I spent September half-off-the-grid on the Big Island of Hawaii, wanting very much to get away from an increasingly oppressive sense of not only having to be always on, but also not knowing how many entities are always on me. more

All Things Tech

I'm turning into a one-trick pony in this here precious space, but somebody's got to do it. And as soon as white people quit being dicks and we solve racism, then I promise, I'll shift gears forever. more

Backwards & in High Heels

It's fair to say Shane Wallin is a breast man. In the past, he's also been an everything-else man. Arms. Legs. Faces. Backs. Yeah, he's been a butt guy, too. At 41 years old and with more than 20 y more


We're all here to see The Room , a 2003 film that has quickly earned cult status, partly due to its rampant ineptness and partly due to the intrigue that surrounds its director/producer/star, Tommy Wiseau. more

Well, That Was Awkward

Rarely has my enthusiasm for a restaurant started with just a humble cup of tea. I wasn't planning on having a hot drink, in Escondido no less, on a day when the mercury planted itself firmly in the mid-90s. more

The North Fork


Photo by Andrew Dyer

A slew of seasonal beers appear when the calendar shifts from summer to fall. Dominant are Oktoberfest Märzens and an ever-expanding glut of pumpkin-flavored monstrosities. more

The Beerdist

On my first trip to any restaurant with the word “pho” in the name, I order the special mixed ph?. Makes sense, right? If they call themselves “pho” and they can't get the pho right then what's the point? more

The World Fare