September 9, 2015 Issue

Dolly Levi, matchmaker and self-proclaimed circumventer of any obstacle in the way of a potential love match, is a BIG personality. Read more


Community pride is so embedded into South Park that the residents there will still remind you that it is called “Golden Hill,” before the business owners invite you in for a glass of wine. Read more

News & Opinion

While owning a dispensary can be lucrative, opening one can be costly, especially in San Diego where laws have created a dog-eat-dog competition for a limited number of viable locations Read more


The man playing that saxophone, Kamasi Washington, was a crucial supporting player in the making of that album, having also arranged all of the strings that appear on To Pimp a Butterfly. Washington has played an important role in performan... Read more

Music Feature

The idea behind UC San Diego's Initiative for Digital Exploration of Arts and Sciences (IDEAS) Performance Series seems simple enough: To encourage artists, musicians, engineers and even scientists to use the university's state-of-the-art Q... Read more

Fall Arts


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Will there ever be a convenient time to re-introduce the subject of climate change into mainstream discourse? Post-Labor Day? Maybe on a Wednesday three weeks from today? Can we squeeze it in before the holidays? Or are things so crazy we h... Read more

From the Editor

Regarding San Diego Ethics Commission appointments [“Reform the Ethics Commission,” Sept. 2], I would not trust San Diego retired judges. Read more

Letters to the Editor

As the longer days of summer dwindle, one bright light worth looking forward to is the annual Fall Arts Preview issue. It's a series of snapshots of entertaining events in the worlds of dance, film literature, music, theater and visual arts... Read more


Near the corner of Eighth and Broadway (707 Broadway, to be exact), Konecki and Neko have been working on several murals on a seven-story parking structure. Read more

Seen Local

The statement on Aren Skalman's bio on his web page says: "Art is made from the stuff of life." It's a broad statement, indeed, and one that could easily be applied to just about any artist's conceptualization of what he or she does, but fo... Read more

Seen Local


Collection of Jay and Jennifer Levitt

There's a general sense among those in the visual art scene that very few serious art collectors exist in San Diego. The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) is preparing to open a show that'll put that assumption to rest. Read more

Fall Arts

A good chunk of the reviews of choreographer Huang Yi's performances aren't even close to raving, but anytime anyone innovates in their field it opens them up to both huge hits and major misses Read more

Fall Arts

When a festival only happens every two years, the wait can make expectations high. Even so, the only appropriate response to the lineup for this year's La Jolla Playhouse's Without Walls, or WoW, Festival is, well..."Wow." Read more

Fall Arts

There's a literary scene in San Diego if you know where to look. For the last few years, bibliophiles have been congregating inside the pristine footwear and design shop Gym Standard (2903 El Cajon Blvd.) in North Park. Read more

Fall Arts

If you love movies and live in San Diego then odds are you've had an impassioned conversation with Miguel Rodriguez. The Renaissance man behind the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival can be seen at basically every local film event. Read more

Fall Arts

Willis Earl Beal is somewhere between Tom Waits and Howlin' Wolf, with a lo-fi, primal blues sound that's simple, but powerful. Read more

If I Were U

Almost everything we know was told to us by someone else. If you don't know this simple truth, then you are ignorant. Now don't get your bunions all in a bunch. I don't mean ignorant as in stupid. Read more

Sordid Tales

Aviva Kempner's new film Rosenwald makes your local PBS special look stylish by comparison. Read more


"I was so sad when Satyajit Ray died." Harper (Bridey Elliot) talks a lot of shit in Fort Tilden , but this casually racist and clueless statement spoken to an Indian cab driver might be her pièce de résistance. Read more


Gilbert Castellanos' jazz jam is making a move. For the past three years, the trumpet player has housed his weekly Wednesday night jam at Seven Grand in North Park. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio