April 27, 2016 Issue

Hillary Clinton is a lock to win California in the June 7 presidential primary, polls and pundits suggest. Jess Durfee, former San Diego County Democratic Party chairman, said last week: “I would say that if the trends are going the way the... Read more



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Relationships are complicated enough without the moments of high drama recurring over and over, and not always in the same way. But in the “multiverse” explained by physicist Marianne, the more grating half of the two lovers in Nick Payne’s... Read more


Mosquito. That’s the name Chicago post-rock pioneers Tortoise went by at the beginning of their career. Not exactly an image that conjures the longevity and sturdiness that’s been synonymous with the genre-defying instrumental quintet for n... Read more

Music Feature

Regarding “Nuñez release points to need for clemency reform” [April 13]: The coverage of Ethan Couch in Texas put a spotlight on “affluenza,” but affluenza is not unusual or new; and Esteban Nuñez is just another instance. Read more

Letters to the Editor

It had been a while—four score and seven years ago, perhaps— since Spin Cycle had paid a visit to “The Rock,” the not-so-flattering nickname given the World War II-era box of a headquarters for the San Diego Unified Port District on Pacific... Read more

Spin Cycle

San Diego Asian Film Festival showcases 14 film programs from 10 countries including the opening night presentation of The Music of Strangers , a documentary about Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. Read more



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Last week pop music icon Prince died at the age of 57, bringing a sad and unexpected end to a massive music legacy. In light of his passing, we asked people in the music scene about their reflections on his life and music. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier has a knack for tackling difficult subject matter with a delicate touch. His first two films— Reprise and Oslo , August 31st —are intimate dramas about confused young people who must confront the realities ... Read more


Synth-pop outfit Body of Light have a sinister melodic sound that exists in the meeting place between darkwave, coldwave and new wave, with a little old-school industrial for good measure. Read more

If I Were U


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Shortly after an activist posted photos of a pointy rock installation that would deter homeless people from sleeping under a downtown San Diego bridge, his social media page lit up. Read more

From the Editor


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"They're just trying to clear a hurdle as far as I know and they could care less about what the murals and the theater mean to the citizens of San Diego," says Bill Coons, executive director of the Save Our Heritage Organization. Read more

Seen Local

"To be honest, I don't even know what we're going to do," says Josh Pavlick as he glances over the piles of posters, art work and random memorabilia he and curator Mindy Solis are sorting through in the back of the Helmuth Projects space in... Read more

Seen Local

It's surprising, at first, to hear Amanda Cachia emphasize she's part of a disabled class. Sure, she's a little person, but by no means does this seem to disable her. She has a brilliant mind, functioning limbs and a discerning pair of eyes... Read more



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Off the Record is closing. The record shop announced via Facebook that it would be closing its doors after 11 years of business in its North Park location (2912 University Ave.). Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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Ryan (right) and So Say We All's executive director Justin HudnallPhoto by Julia Dixon Evans Ryan vs. Los Angeles is a seven-round battle in which Our Hero goes toe-to-toe against the City of An Read more

Well, That Was Awkward

What's more, all the funds raised at Dine Out stay in San Diego and help go toward programs such as the Center's Youth Housing Project and the HIV Funding Collaborative. Read more

Short List Event Picks

Without question, it is long past time for such changes, and the Treasury Department should be applauded for making it rain women, but particularly Tubman. I mean, a black woman on the front of the $20? Yaaaaaassss! Read more

Backwards & in High Heels

Sara Majka upends these stereotypes in her haunting collection of linked short stories, Cities I've Never Lived In , published by Graywolf earlier this year. Read more

The Floating Library


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The definition of craft beer is under scrutiny, and no beer discussion nowadays is without debate or drama—especially when it comes to big beer. The industry standard reads that craft is "small, independent and traditional," but if we aren'... Read more

Final Draught


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Rib tipsPhoto by Michael A. Gardiner Barbecue joints tend to be located on the wrong side of the tracks. Whether that's down to the cheap rent, tradition or that folk in those communities are le Read more

The World Fare