April 6, 2016 Issue

If something seems fishy in San Diego, it's not the beach. It's Little Italy, the former hub of the world's once-leading tuna industry. Read more



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Yes, the Padres got a beatdown and lost, 15-0, to the Dodgers in their home opener. But it could be slightly worse. It could already be Chargers season. Read more

From the Editor

It took squeaky new Padres skipper Andy Green one game to figure out his honeymoon was over. By contrast, Mayor Kevin Faulconer—764 days into occupying the city’s top political catbird seat—still seems hip deep in champagne toasts on the gh... Read more

Spin Cycle

The gods are not crazy in Cemetery of Splendour . In fact, they are quite curious about earthly goings on, including people’s fascination with reincarnation and analyzing dreams. Read more


Jordan Smith is ready to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done when your band is named Diarrhea Planet. Read more

Music Feature

My boyfriend mistakenly sent me a text meant for somebody else—a real estate agent with my same first name who’s showing him apartments. Read more



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Tantalizing as this may sound, the Globe’s musical, directed by Barry Edelstein and written by Sybille Pearson (book) and Michael John LaChiusa (music and lyrics) is preachy and fulsome. Read more



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Bay Ho isn't exactly known for being a hotbed of culture. It's probably best known for the RV park people see from Interstate 5 and industrial spaces up and down Santa Fe Street. Read more

Seen Local

Spencer Moody is best known as the frontman of The Murder City Devils, though he's had other bands since, including noisy punks Smoke & Smoke. Read more

If I Were U

Punk rock vinyl documentary Records Collecting Dust is getting a sequel. Director Jason Blackmore, who also plays guitar in the hardcore band Death Eyes, has begun work on the next installment of the documentary, which he hopes will be rele... Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Chica Diabla is a San Diego band, but their influences can mostly be traced to our nearest big-city neighbor, Los Angeles. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Chloe Zhao's Songs My Brothers Taught Me tenderly depicts life on the South Dakota Pine Ridge Reservation as equally poetic and sobering. Read more


When Junya Watanabe, chef-owner of Rakiraki Ramen and Tsukemen (4646 Convoy St.), talks with you, he looks through you. There's an air of the rock star about Watanabe. Part of it is his hair, another Read more

The World Fare

Have you ever read a book that failed to make an impression on you the first time you read it, but then the book came back to you right when you were ready for it? Read more

The Floating Library

There are moments, especially since hitting my 30s, where I become self-aware of how hard I'm adulting. It's mildly unnerving. Anytime I use the word "strategy" or briskly walk down a hallway while wearing a lanyard I feel like a character ... Read more

There She Goz

SPRING AHEADFor the last few years, the UC San Diego Springfest has been one of the best annual showcases of not only the university's graduate music programs, but often the future of the local exper Read more

Short List Event Picks

So it's official. The Vatican has confirmed the second miracle by Mother Teresa of Calcutta and she will be designated as a saint this September. Read more

Sordid Tales


Photo by Michelle Poveda

While watching the news last month, I wondered if our newfound friendliness with Cuba had inspired any local bartenders. After 50 years, we now have a U.S. Embassy in Havana, Carnival Cruises will voyage there in May, and President Obama ju... Read more

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