August 3, 2016 Issue

Soon, Joey Bosa may be able to make a down payment in cash on a Pacific Gate condo. But for now, the San Diego Chargers’ top draft pick is going head-to-head with the team over who pays what and when. Sound familiar, San Diego? Read more

From the Editor


Photo courtesy of Broadway San Diego

Beautiful is not only an entertaining musical biography of the incomparable Carole King, but a retrospective on the gifted songwriters of the ’60s. Read more


The heart of University Heights, though, is a steadfast spot for locals who bask in a lingering small town feel. They park themselves at the token dive bars, chatting away while crafting, practicing magic tricks or swapping neighborhood gos... Read more



Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

At the press conference, Sanders alluded to concerns that remain about the initiative. “No ballot is ever perfect,” he said, adding that “considerations” the team should address include the “long-term security of the Tourism Marketing Distr... Read more

Spin Cycle

I completely understand the desire to have shocking articles in the interest of selling advertising. I am disappointed that this article was allowed to use social consciousness as an excuse for terrible journalism and complete disrespect to... Read more

Letters to the Editor

The Innocents takes in place in 1945 rural Poland immediately after Russian forces have driven out the Nazis. Once a volatile war zone, the barren landscape now seems stuck in rigor mortis. Read more



Photo Duncan Moore

For one of the smaller San Diego burgs, University Heights does seem to have a noticeable amount of public murals. Read more

Seen Local


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Of all the startlingly strange and surreal drawings hung on the walls at the Out Here art space in Tijuana, "Puente" (or "Bridge") is without a doubt the most terrifying. Read more

Seen Local


Photo by Ash Eliza Smith

Members of Mrs. Magician and The Sess have formed a new band called Teach Me. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

It's a sad day in hell (or Gotham) when the most interesting thing about your movie is Jared Leto's demonic cackle. Read more


Philadelphia singer/songwriter Kurt Vile has released three of my favorite records of the decade so far, the most recent being last year's b'lieve i'm goin down . Read more

If I Were U

Jeremy Bolm knows something about getting kicked while you're down. The vocalist of Los Angeles post-hardcore band Touche Amore spent 2015 grieving his mother's death after a battle with cancer. Read more

Music Feature

Four months ago, I started hooking up with this hot guy I met on Tinder. He isn't someone I'd normally go for; he's a total mess and serious trouble. Read more



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The Living Coast Discovery Center (1000 Gunpowder Point Drive) in Chula Vista. Nestled in the bayside Sweetwater Marsh National Wildlife Refuge since 1987, the center is dedicated to education and sustainability and provides educational, ha... Read more

Short List Event Picks


Top photo by Shelby Wentz, bottom photo by Ryan Bradford

After catching the Squirtle, you return to your co-workers and proudly proclaim, "I just caught a Squirtle." Thus begins the normalization of sounding like an idiot. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward


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Equal parts "thank you" and "suck it!" to all the beer writers who did and didn't take me up on my cold, dead fingers challenge from Part 1. Read more

Final Draught


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Dishing It Out


Photo by Michael A. Gardiner

Soda & Swine is all about the meatballs: beef, smoked pork, chicken, chorizo and, curiously, quinoa. Pick a "style"—slider, sub sandwich, on top of spaghetti or in a skillet of three balls—and add a choice of sauces and cheese. Read more

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