February 10, 2016 Issue


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The “new” ideas are sound. The follow-through is what will be crucial to bettering and possibly saving the lives of our region’s homeless populations of veterans and those with severe mental illnesses. Read more

From the Editor

Lee’s play weathers slow spots (most in the flashbacks with Tray and his stepmother), though the interchanging depictions of past and present don’t consistently allow the impact of a scene to sink in. But Cortez L. Read more


The members of Chicago’s Meat Wave had their collective minds blown by the rebellious sounds of punk at a young age. In a phone interview, guitarist and vocalist Chris Sutter remembers the time and place where punk rock left its biggest imp... Read more

Music Feature

As folks filed out of the first “friend-raiser” on Saturday in support of her uphill battle to unseat incumbent San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, former state Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña paused momentarily from shaking grateful hands. Read more

Spin Cycle

Mark Kersey attended Northwestern University in the 1990s along with future Late Night host Seth Meyers. Kersey is no TV funnyman but did win his seat on the San Diego City Council in a laugher. The video-tech researcher ran unopposed in 20... Read more


It is possible to construct a new stadium in San Diego with no new costs to the city [“Deano Spanos’ lameduck Chargers,” Feb. 3]. Read more

Letters to the Editor


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A few years ago, Morgan, a 53-year-old living in Vista, chose to give up her 25-year marriage and a successful career as a consultant and realtor to focus on getting the most out of her sexual life. To that end, she became a stripper at lo... Read more

Love and Sex Issue

On a drunk, lonely Saturday night in 2011, I found myself staring at my laptop, logged onto and debating whether or not to purchase The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists . Eventually, resignation won out and ... Read more

Love and Sex Issue

Spritzr connects to Facebook so friends can suggest matches for others, allowing a personalized touch that also feeds into the life-meddling, stalker-like online tendencies of which we're all guilty. Read more

Love and Sex Issue


Photo courtesy of the artist

A first glance at Carlitos Galvan's work might give the impression of being created by several different photographers. For the nine years he's been taking pictures, the 25-year-old Galvan has mastered quite a number of styles. Read more

Seen Local

In this semi-regular column, we profile local crafters whose wares we love. Haydee Yanez is well aware that most people discovering Mexicons automatically think they're inspired by emojis. Read more

Seen Local

The story of Aaron Thompson's career in pornographic films is actually quite a romantic one. It's the kind of story that might make for an excellent rom-com one day, albeit a decidedly R-rated one. Read more

Love and Sex Issue

Wednesday, February 10 PLAN A: Idiot Glee @ Whistle Stop. Kentucky's Idiot Glee does pop with synth-driven ambiance, artful textures and an easy-to-like weirdness. Groove with them up close a Read more

If I Were U

Joy has announced a new album. The psychedelic rockers are set to release third album Ride Along on April 29, via Tee Pee. It features 10 tracks, including a cover of ZZ Top's "Certified Blues," an Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Daniel Cervantes is singer, songwriter and frontman for blues rockers Mrs. Henry, and like other San Diego music scene MVPs, his name shows up on various projects. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Like a snake eating its tail, this collection of five horror stories set in a desert purgatory seamlessly transition from one to the next before ultimately wrapping back around to the beginning again. Read more


By titling his latest political documentary Where To Invade Next, Michael Moore overtly mocks the United States' historical need to spread democracy around the world. Taking this destructive and cycl Read more


"Were you embarrassed about your vagina showing?" a friend asked in our long-running Facebook group chat. It's a fair question. Vaginas are our "private parts" after all, and I was letting Read more

There She Goz

Well guess what people: Sordid Tales don't do love montages. Sordid Tales rejects Love. It detests Love. Sordid Tales thinks Love is for people who don't have Xbox. Read more

Sordid Tales

Speak is not a traditional love story. It's not a traditional anything. It's a fractured novel by Louisa Hall told from multiple points of view by a host of interconnected characters across great distances and long stretches of time. Read more

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