February 17, 2016 Issue


Photo by Andrew Dyer

Rudy Pollorena Jr. is a recognizable figure on the beer-festival circuit. The bearded, bespectacled artist and designer is the entrepreneur behind Craft Beerd (no relation to the Beerdist column). Read more

The Beerdist

In the District 7 race for San Diego City Council, incumbent Scott Sherman has raised four times as much money as his two Democratic rivals combined. Read more



Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

A local congressman blows e-cigarette smoke into a colleague’s face during a hearing. Mayor Kevin Faulconer waves the white flag when his administration is called out for banning the term “Founding Fathers” from official city correspondence... Read more

Spin Cycle


Collection of Jean Barrett Holloway/Courtesy of the La Jolla Historical Society

Looking back on the life of William Newport Goodell, one could get a sense that he gave up. I mean, who could blame him? What artist hasn’t thought about hanging it up at some point? Read more



Photo by David Troyan Photography Studios

During her time as a public servant, Black was a vocal proponent of housing and services for the homeless. In 2000, as president of the Downtown San Diego Partnership she served on an Ad Hoc Committee of dozens of civic leaders who came tog... Read more

From the Editor

The Spanos’ quest for a new stadium or a move to Los Angeles reveals a double standard [“Deano Spanos’ lame-duck Chargers,” Feb. 3]. Read more

Letters to the Editor


Photo by Jim Carmody

Rajiv Joseph’s Guards at the Taj at La Jolla Playhouse articulates the beautiful and the terrible, and does so in a manner that may leave you dazed. Read more


Adeline Michèle is enjoying some rare downtime. The French-born vocalist for Brooklyn disco collective Escort is emerging from a year spent working on new album Animal Nature , which they self-released in October. Read more

Music Feature

Creakingly self-serious might be the best way to describe Robert Eggers' The Witch . Riding high on massive levels of critical buzz (Sundance strikes again!), this period piece horror film wants so badly to be fresh, concocting a minimalist... Read more



Photo courtesy of BASIC Pizza/Bar

When BASIC approached Johnny Tran almost 10 years ago about doing a weekly art event at the East Village bar and pizza joint, he was a little tentative. Read more

Seen Local


Photo courtesy of the artist

There's a funny meme from a few years ago that went like this: The Internet is a lot like ancient Egypt. People write on walls and worship cats. Read more

Seen Local

Rafter is planning to release one album every month in 2016. Following his last official album, 2014's It's Reggae , Rafter Roberts released A Sploded Battery on February 1. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

The Donkeys are one of the bigger success stories in the local indie music scene, and it's easy to understand why. The group plays catchy, easy-going indie folk-rock with traces of country and psychedelia that blends into a warm and good-na... Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

In Pablo Larrain's The Club , a group of disgraced Catholic priests live quietly in a halfway house overlooking La Boca's pristine coast. Read more


Dr. Dog is a solid rock band with a long track record of crowd-pleasing records, but if I'm being totally honest, Hop Along is the band I'm really excited about here. The Philly band's 2015 album Painted Shut is an emotional rush in all the... Read more

If I Were U


Balboa Park trails

There are innumerable reasons to love Balboa Park, namely its museums, history, shops, restaurants and the open space. One cool aspect of the area that not everybody knows about is the Sixth & Upa Read more


The system is broken. No, the system is fucked. If you're not mad, you're not paying attention. Stay woke, sheeple! Yes, I too, was outraged by Making A Murderer . Read more

Well, That Was Awkward

After all the hoopla leading up to last year's Balboa Park Centennial, some of the results were a little anticlimactic. That's why the new Parkeology series has us excited. Read more

Short List Event Picks

Consider the expression "it does what it says on the label." It was a slightly ironic advertising slogan that observes that the thing inside the exterior performs as advertised. This is a saying tha Read more

The World Fare


Photo by Beth Demmon

Pairing craft beer with yoga is a quintessential San Diego marriage of hobbies. One refreshes the soul and the other refreshes the taste buds. Read more

Final Draught