January 6, 2016 Issue


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North Park leans on Balboa Park’s right-hand shoulder, catty-corner from downtown, and for a time donned a black sheep rep compared to San Diego’s beachy counterparts. Read more


You won’t find a more wholesome show in the entire county than the Welk Resort Theatre’s Meet Me in St. Louis. Read more


A Father Joe’s Villages web page warns about the dangers of inclement weather. It reads: “Imagine if the roof over your head disappeared and the blanket on your bed was soaking wet. For San Diego’s homeless neighbors, shelter and warmth are... Read more

From the Editor


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I’ve been told, ‘Don’t talk to anyone at CityBeat.’” Derrick Roach smiles when he says this, giving his glass of Diet Coke a quick jiggle. “But if you talk,” he continued, “at least you develop a relationship, and you might have something t... Read more

Spin Cycle

Dorkbot The Whistle Stop is launching a new event this month called Dorkbot. It's an unusual event for the South Park bar in that it brings figures from the academic and avant garde arts worlds Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

San Diego has a long way to go before it's recognized as one of the country's great hip-hop scenes, but that doesn't mean the talent isn't here. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Since absolutely nothing worthwhile is opening this Friday, I decided to get a head start on previewing the most noteworthy upcoming releases of Spring 2016. While next week brings a pair of powerhous Read more


Midway through Alejandro Gonz·lez Iñárritu's torturous Western The Revenant, injured fur trader Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) watches a pack of wolves take down a lone buffalo on the frozen tundr Read more


For a collage artist, Andrew McGranahan has a surprisingly tidy North Park apartment. There are no bits of paper on the floor or glue stains on the desk. The only giveaways that an artist lives here i Read more

Seen Local

Tim Mantoani's studio in a rather industrial area of Linda Vista is covered with proof of his impressive resume. Over his decades-long career, he has shot images for Sports Illustrated and Newsweek , as well as for companies such as Coors a... Read more

Seen Local


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Josh Ritter spends a couple minutes and a few hundred words trying to describe how his new album, Sermon On the Rocks, differs from its predecessor, 2013's The Beast In Its Tracks, and how the man who made the latter is not quite the same m... Read more

Music Feature


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It was a year filled with night excursions, tunnels, mines, caves and mountains. From the scores of adventures documented by Hidden San Diego in 2015 here are five highlights. Read more


Long before 808s and Heartbreak , there was Egyptian Lover. The L.A. producer combined hip-hop, electro, sexiness and sadness way back in the early '80s. Read more

If I Were U

Man, 2015. Another year down the drain. Another year that everyone famous will be younger than me. Kids getting their driver's licenses this year will have not even been born to experience the terror of Y2K. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward

It's a bitter pill getting back into real life after a gluttonous holiday bender, isn't it? I spent the last part of the year in Seattle, where the separation of trash from recyclables is more tedious than in Berkeley. Read more

Backwards & in High Heels

I drive east through downtown to get to work weekday mornings. When the sign went up at 531 Broadway for Ramen Yamadaya, my interest was piqued. At the very least I liked saying the name out loud Read more

Urban Eats


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If there's anyone more insufferable than a beer snob, it's a coffee snob. There are, though, plenty of masochistic brewers in town who aim to please both crowds by combining coffee with beer in caffeine-laced alcoholic creations. Read more

Final Draught

I'm not sure what about dim sum I fell in love with first—the food or the rolling carts? Sure, I loved the little stewed dishes and fried delicacies and especially the seemingly infinite variety of dumplings. Read more

The World Fare

PLAY IT AGAIN, SAN DIEGOIt seems like every week our hearts are warmed by some viral video of an unlikely musical hero who sits down at a piano and proceeds to blow the minds of everyone within earsho Read more

Short List Event Picks