July 20, 2016 Issue

California is now six months into the legalization of adult-use cannabis, yet it is easy to forget that many cities are still fighting for safe, convenient access. Read more



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Barbara Gaines directs a superior cast that features Megan McGinnis and Sharon Rietkerk as the Regency-era Dashwood sisters Marianne and Elinor, who if you know Austen, represent sense or sensibility when it comes to the two L words: life a... Read more



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It’s possible that Sketch Party is the most happening Tuesday night scene in town. The bi-monthly art event—where right-brained patrons come to draw, color and sometimes simply doodle on paper-covered tables—has seen a steady uptick in atte... Read more



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I'm going on the record with what might be a surprising opinion: A downtown NFL stadium would be super cool, and so would an expanded convention center. Read more

From the Editor


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The San Diego Chargers brain trust took its pitch for an East Village stadium into the heart of Barrio Logan last week, and Brent Beltrán did something unusual for him—he stayed silent. Read more

Spin Cycle


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Supporters of Proposition 60, also known as The California Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, say it aims to tighten safety standards within the industry and minimize the risk of spreading HIV and sexually transmitted infections. Por... Read more

News 2 Comments

Homeless people were camped in an Escondido building that was mysteriously/deliberately burned (by the campers?) [“Does Red Cross exclude homeless from aid?,” July 6]. Read more

Letters to the Editor

The cinema of Hirokazu Kore-eda has a uniquely measured pace. Conflict takes a long time to be uncovered, even when it has been boiling under the surface for years. Read more



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For an artist, Rachel LaBarre is proving to be a savvy businesswoman. The creator and publisher of the Very Adult Coloring Books line of, well, adult coloring books is more than aware that the bubble may burst any day. Read more

Seen Local


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Every child deserves a clubhouse. If I'm to believe some of the stuff I've read online, having a clubhouse or treehouse teaches a kid valuable developmental skills like organization, socialization and creativity. Read more

Seen Local

Early in Woody Allen's sublime Café Society , a nebbish Hollywood newbie fantasizes about stardom with a dashing young actress-turned-secretary. Read more


About halfway through Inter Arma's new album Paradise Gallows sits a seven-minute slab of gloriously buzzy post-metal as high-minded and horizon-wide as anything the band has ever done Read more

Music Feature

Ten years ago, Tokyo's Boris released an album called Pink that combined the best of punk, psych, metal, shoegaze and drone. Read more

If I Were U


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The thing to have at Tortas El Turco is the torta de lomo de res , the steamed beef tenderloin sandwich that's where the place began. Read more

The World Fare


One guy. Fifty-two times. Do you know what that is? That is filling quotas. That is profiling. That is harassment. Fifty-two times is a tax. Read more

Backwards & in High Heels

Oh yeah, you like Wolverine? Are the Lakers or Yankees also your favorite sports teams? Is Green Day your favorite punk band? Read more

Well, That Was Awkward


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Look here, if you don't have a badge or just have an "I can't even" attitude toward Comic-Con, don't fret. Read more

Short List Event Picks


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San Diego's food culture is a lot like a beautiful teenager: You can see the future and it looks bright, but it still needs seasoning and maturity. Read more

Dishing It Out