June 22, 2016 Issue

Jeeni Criscenzo moved to San Diego after the 2004 re-election of George W. Bush, having spent the previous year writing a daily blog called CPR4Democracy. Read more


Last week, the port hosted a two-day open house in a cramped, stuffy, top-floor suite at the San Diego Convention Center so the public could peruse the plans, grill proponents about the details and fill out comment cards that port staff wou... Read more

Spin Cycle

I must say that I was kind of offended by the “10 Commandments” of drinking. To equate “drinking rules and places” to the 10 Commandments is really lame. Drinking (and over consumption) is what’s wrong with lots of people and the cause of l... Read more

Letters to the Editor

Gloomsday has announced a proper physical release of their new album Worst Coast Scenario . Quietly, the album first was posted to Bandcamp in December of last year and was recorded more than a year ago. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

On the weekend of August 26-28, a who's-who of punk, metal, hard rock and hardcore will converge—including Converge, as it turns out—at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for a weekend of debaucher Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


Photo by Ron Donoho

The executive director of a San Diego faith-based nonprofit said he was threatened by the San Diego Police Department that "the hammer would be brought down" on him if he didn't stop doing street feedings for the homeless in July, when the ... Read more

From the Editor


Photo by Jacki Geary

A solid crowd of artists and scenesters gathered at Thumbprint Gallery this past Saturday, and while some were there to check out the La Jolla gallery's new show, Stratum , some seemed much more keen on perusing a bunch of blank canvases. Read more

Seen Local


Photo courtesy of the artist

In this semi-regular department, we ask some of our favorite local artists, writers and curators what new shows or artists are worth checking out. Read more

Seen Local

I bet Nicolas Winding Refn likes his steak rare. The Danish enfant terrible of Drive and Only God Forgives relishes in the mutilation of flesh and the desecration of limbs. Read more


To's latest thriller, Three, forces these two types of people into the same cramped space, then watches their good and evil intentions collide. Flawed professionals one and all, they spend the duration trying to keep up with their own bad d... Read more


Pity Sex's music is neither as sad nor silly as their name suggests, but there are definitely emotions involved. Read more

If I Were U

This current 70-date tour of Pet Sounds is the last chance to hear it performed as a complete package, which increases the urgency behind it. Read more

Music Feature


Photo courtesy of Ion Theatre

This production is beautifully directed by Raygoza and gifted by evocative performances from ion newcomers Guevara and Mazon, especially. Read more


It's been widely reported as the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. But let's be real here and add "for now" to the end of that. Read more

There She Goz

For four years, the San Diego International Fringe Festival has been bringing audiences a taste of what they might otherwise never see. Read more

Short List Event Picks


Photo by Ryan Bradford

I try to think of the last time I had a screen-free day. Certainly not in the three years since I got my first smart phone. And even before the ubiquity of computers, there was always television. Have I ever actually had a screen-free day? Read more

Well, That Was Awkward


Douglas Constantiner, Jim Crute, Jacob McKean, Curtis Hawes and moderator Omar Passons

Starting a craft brewery in San Diego is practically a rite of passage for homebrewers and entrepreneurs nowadays. But the reality of launching a new business in such a crowded marketplace comes with a hefty price tag—often with a few more ... Read more

Final Draught


Photo courtesy of Chicken Charlie Boghosian

I come to praise Chicken Charlie, not to batter him. Though, he might like that. Chicken Charlie is the name given to Charlie Boghosian, the guy who appears at the San Diego County Fair every year offering some bizarre-sounding, usually dee... Read more

Dishing It Out

There was a part of me that didn't want to like The Crack Shack (2266 Kettner Blvd.) in Little Italy, Richard Blais' fast casual paean to the glories of (a) chicken and (b) commerce. Read more

The World Fare