March 23, 2016 Issue

Everybody’s angry. I’m angry, you’re angry, your dog’s angry—angry, angry, angry. The media pundits cite this rage for the popularity of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, two politicians who appeal to emotions with lofty, idealistic pro... more



Photo by John Howard

Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm may have expended less energy in the ring than Kelsey Venter and Lucia Vecchio do on stage in Lamb’s Players Theatre’s production of William Gibson’s The Miracle Worker. more



Photo by John R. Lamb

Bruce Lightner, the 67-yearold husband of 43 years to the termed-out San Diego City Council President Sherri Lightner, pulls out a tiny, folded-up sticky note and takes a quick glance at it. No talking about the current council members, the... more

Spin Cycle

Pity the poor local pol. With no popular incumbent president in 2016, whose coattails do you cling to? And all five White House hopefuls left in the running have some type of baggage or image issue that others running for elected office are... more


“Restorative justice” is just a “dog whistle” signal for encouraging mischievous and criminal behavior [“Restorative justice at Lincoln High,” March 16]. It mocks the legal system. more

Letters to the Editor


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Over the weekend I was out of town, soaking up March Madness in Las Vegas. When I got back on Monday my millennial daughter called to make sure I knew about the big Bernie Sanders rally scheduled for Tuesday night at the San Diego Conventio... more

From the Editor

Krisha likes to dramatize the process of mounting pressure, both through small narrative knife twists and flashy aesthetics. more


Polica plays a synth-based sound that's sophisticated with a jagged edge. Their new single "Wedding" is a jam, and its Sesame Street -inspired video juxtaposes some fucked-up looking muppets with themes of racial injustice. more

If I Were U

Members of The New Kinetics have formed a new band, The Hiroshima Mockingbirds. The band comprises Kinetics members Brian Reilly on guitar/vocals and Jon Bonser on guitar, along with drummer Si Leader and bassist Trips Jurado. more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

This is a recurring feature in which we ask musicians to name a song they never want to hear again. more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

The blank page is every writer's nightmare. But for Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and food critic for the Los Angeles Times, it's just another part of a procrastination-heavy writing process. more


Santi White is nearing the end of her proverbial rope. She's overworked, bone-tired and making a concerted effort not to burn out. But mostly, the artist known as Santigold is wondering just how long she can continue the energy and acuity n... more

Music Feature


Photo by Alli Bautista

The art of Dave "PERSUE" Ross can be seen all over San Diego. From North and South Park to the alleyways and walls of Barrio Logan and the East Village, the local native's most iconic street a more

Seen Local

Jonathan Allen is still learning as he goes when it comes to woodworking. Since starting his company Brave Aesthetics in 2014, he's been specializing in installation art and furniture with an emphasis on retail design. more

Seen Local

As they have done every year since 2012, released a study of its users' trends in 2015 and it turns out, the single most searched term was "lesbian." Now that's progress! Only tw more

Sordid Tales

Crazy election season so far, right? But what if I told you that maybe, just maybe, in this age of computerized voting, your vote might not even count? Or get counted? Or get counted for the wrong person? more

All Things Tech

FaceTime should be renamed UglyfaceTime for what it does to a person's features, and especially to a woman's (in lumps, jowls and eye baggery not apparent in photos). more


We'd like to think our readers have been celebrating Women's History Month with complete abandon. Surely they've attended some of the great book signings, film screenings and events happening around town, right? RIGHT? more

Short List Event Picks

If you've heard rumblings about Mexican wine or want to know more about the region's appeal and offerings, there's one name you should know in San Diego: Fernando Gaxiola. more

Bottle Rocket

America, it’s often forgotten, is a region of Italy…at least culinarily. Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Sicily feature unique, identifiable regional Italian cuisines. more

The World Fare