May 4, 2016 Issue

It's not Pacific Beach, it's PB. Anyone who says otherwise isn't a local or hasn't romped around its raucous streets enough. T Read more


Since the mid-1970s, blusterous big budget Hollywood films have dominated the hotter months of the calendar year. Millions of marketing dollars are spent selling these titanic products (sometimes year Read more


The first time a Beyoncé song saved me, I was 24 and had broken up with my high school sweetheart. Two weeks later, we were technically back together. Like most things, it was Kanye's fault. Read more

Music Feature

Rapture, Blister Burn, the closing show of San Diego Rep's 40th season, is a schizophrenic marathon of a play (written by Gina Gionfriddo) that zigzags between feminist manifesto and soap opera of th Read more


Homelessness—what if it was you experiencing it, or your brother, sister, mother, father, friend? What if you saw the plight of our vulnerable neighbors every day as you left your warm and safe downtown condo? Read more



Photo illustration by John Lamb

Mention TMD to any plugged-in policy wonk in town, and the most likely response will be, "Yeah, what about the Tourism Marketing District?" Read more

Spin Cycle

Kool Keith is a hip-hop legend. He made a name for himself in the '80s with Ultramagnetic MCs before later adopting the Dr. Octagon persona in the '90s. Read more

If I Were U

Former members of The Marsupials and Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver have started a new project called Low and Be Told. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

If you search for albums tagged "San Diego" on Bandcamp, you'll find some interesting stuff. In this semi-regular report, we sift through recent postings and relay the findings. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


Photo by Kathy Fritz

"People are shocked in ways that they don't expect to be," says Rodney "Rod" Rodriguez. "They expect to hear tragic stories of people dying and that's happened, but you're not going to hear those stories as much in the people who are living... Read more

Seen Local


Photo by Yvonne Mouser

Peter Nelson ScheidtPhoto by Yvonne Mouser In this semi-regular column, we profile local crafters whose wares we love. When the recipients of the San Diego Art Prize were announced recently, Pete Read more

Seen Local

I read your article ["Making homelessness a story"] in CityBeat on April 20, 2016. I agree with your analysis as far as it goes. I have been dealing with the issue of homelessness in North Park for about 10 years. Read more

Letters to the Editor

April and the Extraordinary World : A young girl and her cat embark on an adventure through Paris in this animated Sci-fi feature from France. Screens through Thursday, May 12, at the Digital Gym Cinema in North Park. Read more


As you have probably heard, North Carolina passed a bill called the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, which requires transgender individuals to use the public restrooms that match their birth certificate rather than their gender ide... Read more

Sordid Tales


Photo by Sebastian Montes

Garrett Saul, co-founder of KS LabsPhoto by Sebastian Montes The first half of 2015 was a trying time for Hassan Khalil and Garrett Saul. First there was the biotech incubator in Carlsbad. Then Read more

News & Opinion

If sun and sand don't define our city's national image, craft beer does. And if there's one type of beer that put San Diego on the sudsy map, it's the IPA. Read more

The World Fare


Photo by Eugene Lee

While gringos and gringas party it up for Cinco de Mayo because they think it's Mexican Independence Day (for the love of Quetzalcoatl, it's not) you can independently celebrate one of Mexico's finest creations: mezcal. Read more

Food & Drink


Photo by Andrew Dyer

A long time ago (last weekend) in a neighborhood far, far away (Miramar), I came to know the power of the dark side. Read more

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