November 2, 2016 Issue


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Cat Eye Club’s bacon and shrimp machetePhoto by James Vernette So, if all goes to plan on Election Day, California may finally legalize marijuana for recreational use. It's about time. I never Read more

, Dishing It Out


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The story’s focal character is Amir (Ronobir Lahiri), a Pakistan-born New York attorney with all the trappings of corporate success (Upper East Side dream flat, gorgeous artist wife, $600 dress shirts). But he’s a man deeply conflicted abou... Read more



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Certainly in Spin Cycle’s lifetime, you would be hard pressed to find an election season as angstridden, sound-bit and crap-filled as the current model. If our elected leaders of tomorrow are truly a reflection of society, then society is h... Read more

Spin Cycle

The Midnight Pine aren't the same band they used to be. Not exactly. As of 2015, they became a part of The Redwoods, a local artist collective and label that was co-founded by The Midnight Pine percussionist and songwriter Al Howard. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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Since beginning her career in the early '70s, Cutler-Shaw has used drawings and language as her primary mediums. She's perhaps best known for her 15-year project, The Messenger Cycle . Read more

Seen Local


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When jewelry designer Monica Hui Hekman scheduled a gallery show at the Glashaus art space (1815-B Main St.) in Barrio Logan, she initially thought she would just be showcasing her wares. Read more

Seen Local


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High Bias may be the total Purling Hiss package in one recording, but that doesn't mean Polizze is ready to rest on his laurels. Read more

Music Feature


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Manipulated electronic polling devices, hacked systems and ballots cast by ineligible voters are a few in a long list of theories that many Republicans have bought into. But for San Diego County Registrar of Voters Michael Vu, these concern... Read more


With less than a week mercifully left until the general election, two recent stories in T he San Diego Union-Tribune— about financial contributions to political campaigns by journalists—induced some media navel gazing. Read more

From the Editor

Antonio Campos' Christine initially seems like a more traditional biopic, yet it has equally idiosyncratic tendencies. Read more


Yes, this year of all years we need Moonlight , which opens Friday, Nov. 4. It's a film of the future, presenting a cinematic space where being in the presence of black bodies does not inspire fear or angst. Read more


Photo via Shutterstock Six months after meeting this amazing woman—I'll call her Ms. Perfect—I asked her to marry me. A year later, she broke off the engagement, saying, "I shouldn't be we Read more



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Members of Ilya and KATA have formed a new darkwave band called Warsaw. The group—which comprises vocalist/guitarist Demetrius Antuna, keyboardist/vocalist Rebecca Antuna, bassist John Mattos and drummer Lance LaFavre—are releasing their de... Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

In the opening story of Jen George's debut collection The Babysitter at Rest, released last month from publishing project Dorothy, a woman of 33 falls under the influence of The Guide, who offers sta Read more

The Floating Library


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"The intention was to pair international artists and galleries with the local scene to show people that our scene does stand out," Berchtold says. Read more

Short List Event Picks

Día de los Muertos is a stunning celebration of life and death. The altars are resplendent with color; bright marigolds, sugar skulls, pan de muerto. And white people love that shit. Read more

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Once upon a time Cantonese cuisine was the shiny new thing. Then again, there was a Gold Rush going on back then. Now "regional Chinese" is all the rage (as if Guangdong Province's Cantonese were not one of China's eight great regional cuis... Read more

The World Fare


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When the San Diego Brewers Guild was founded in 1997 there were fewer than 10 breweries in San Diego County. When San Diego Beer Week begins on Nov. 4, the brew house tally will stand at 129. Read more

The Beerdist