October 19, 2016 Issue


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When we published our general election Voter Guide last week it should have been no surprise that we endorsed Clinton over Republican nominee Donald Trump. Read more

From the Editor


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Nothing plays worse in San Diegans’ minds, Spin has found, than reminders of their city’s reputation for small-mindedness. Read more

Spin Cycle

I appreciate the intent to print the correction about Chico Club not having been Cinnamon Cinder in the past, but the letter [Oct. 12] contains two errors. Read more

Letters to the Editor

Best Bar in San Diego County The Waterfront Bar & GrillBarleymashPark & Rec Small Bar The Tipsy Crow Best Bar to Play PoolThe Lancers The Silver Fox Lounge Catalina Lounge Gilly’s Sun Read more

Special Issues

Your picks for the best goods and services in San Diego. Read more

Special Issues

Your picks for the best barbers, dentists and more. Read more

Special Issues

Your picks for the best restaurants and eating establishments. Read more

Special Issues

Your picks for the best art events, comedy, museums and more. Read more

Special Issues

Your picks for the best record stores, clubs and more. Read more

Special Issues

At last, the state will vote on recreational pot smoking: California Proposition 64. The initiative is commonly known as The Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA), and the fact that it's even up for a vote amazes me. Read more

Sordid Tales


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On the surface, a list like this would seem to be better suited for the end of the year when nearly every arts publication posts those trite "Best" listicles. Read more

Seen Local

Sleeping People are working on new material. The post-rock quartet has announced their first show in more than a year, taking place at Whistle Stop on Nov. 11. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Silent's debut album, A Century of Abuse , finds them arriving with a complete, albeit intense first full statement as a band. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

It's getting close to Halloween, which means you're going to be seeing many more metal bands on this page (because they're all touring, of course). Read more

If I Were U

Kate Plays Christine , which opens Friday, Oct. 21, at Digital Gym Cinema, reveals the long-gestating fissures that form between memory and interpretation, something applicable to everyone on camera and arguably those behind it as well. Read more


Reichardt's latest film might be undeniably sad at times, but it's also devoid of self-pity and apathy. Every bit contains wisdom that stretches as far as the eye can see. Read more



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When I was in high school, Morphine was mine. We all had that band growing up. The one whose t-shirt you wore proudly, content in the fact that almost none of your peers knew who they were. In a manner of speaking, I was a teenage Morphine ... Read more

Music Feature


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Torrey Pines is pretty much the ultimate San Diego outdoor experience. Approaching the base of the state nature preserve and looking upon the misty mountain is as grandiose and majestic as entering Jurassic Park. Read more

Special Issues

When a corporation buys up all the little guys and mom-and-pops, they can pretty much charge and do whatever they want. Read more

Special Issues

The recreational feature that instantaneously comes to my mind in the naturally formed downtown Big Bay is the Coronado Ferry. Read more

Special Issues