September 21, 2016 Issue


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Just a reminder: The 90-minute debate—with no potty breaks—will be divided into six 15-minute segments. Two of each of those segments will focus on topics you chose: America’s Direction, Achieving Prosperity and Securing America. (Vague? Re... Read more

From the Editor


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With its DJ mixing transitions between scenes and its two young protagonists riffing at warp speed about cultural stereotyping, over-parenting and the plain fact that sometimes things suck, playwright Mike Lew’s Tiger Style! at La Jolla Pla... Read more



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I met Luis in November 1993. I’d organized a poetry reading three blocks up the street at Café Chabalaba on 10th Avenue and C Street. The coffee house was another bright light in the downtown art scene. It hosted bands with big amps and lou... Read more



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It seems like only yesterday that termed-out San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria, close to punching his ticket for new adventures in Sacramento, was basking in the glow after voters in June overwhelmingly approved Proposition I. Read more

Spin Cycle


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The city had two options to extend the school’s lease. One required a two-thirds city vote to approve school use on the property under the current charter language. The other choice was a majority vote to amend the city charter to allow a p... Read more


Regarding kneeling during the National Anthem [Keeping Kaepernick in the headlines, Sept. 14]: The American flag and the National Anthem don’t represent perfection in our society—that’s an impossibility—only the agreedupon desire that we al... Read more

Letters to the Editor


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In some parallel universe, Mekons are huge rock stars. They're worshiped for their legacy as first-wave Brit punks and adored for spending four decades evolving into something else entirely. Read more

Music Feature


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With help from Noë Olivas, Lopex is working on a new video project that explores the world of video dating that was popular in the '80s and '90s. Read more

Seen Local

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have gone into different musical directions over the years, but this tour will find them revisiting their best album, 2002's Source Tags and Codes. Read more

If I Were U

Author: The JT Leroy Story Jeff Feuerzeig has a thing for brilliant outcasts. His sublime 2005 documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston illuminates the tortured soul of the eponymous blues music Read more


As Westerns go, usually it's the villains who enjoy killing people. That's not the case in the latest incarnation of The Magnificent Seven, which seems to take pleasure in depicting gruesome murders committed by its squad of frontier heroes... Read more



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Umbrellas are popping up in bars all over town. Tiki drinks—rum-inspired cocktails mixed with fresh juices—are making a comeback, and aren’t just being gulped by old guys in Tommy Bahama shirts. Read more

Food & Drink

Here's a fact that is so factual it's whack! In 2003, A Dutch scientist named Kees Moeliker won a Noble Prize in Biology for his paper about a male mallard he observed humping the anus of a deceased male mallard— for over an hour! Read more

Sordid Tales 1 Comments

Even if you're familiar with the earnest yet offbeat work of Johnston, Cavolo and McClanahan, there's no way to prepare yourself for the visions you'll find between the covers of The Incantations of Daniel Johnston . Read more

The Floating Library

Muhayed starts on my calves, working upwards, kneading the biblical salt into Ev-Er-Y-Where. My flimsy shorts are just a formality for him. He salt-scrubs the heels of my feet, my toes. "Ticklish?" he asks. My reply is just kind of a sob. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward


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Few book titles are as encapsulating as Keith Morris' new biography, My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor (Da Capo Press). Read more

Short List Event Picks


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This style is known for its fruity, some say “juicy” flavor and mouthfeel. They are less bitter than their West Coast cousins, and a bit easier to drink. One characteristic stands above the others, however. The haze . Read more

The Beerdist


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Sauerkraut dogPhoto by Michael A. Gardiner One of the most enduring images of Manhattan streets is food carts—not taco trucks—on every corner. Nothing’s more emblematic of that than the blu Read more

The World Fare