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Special Issues


Photo by Chris Stone

No debating it. To deny the frontrunner a primary victory, his opponents may have to join forces. No, that’s not a reference to the #NeverTrump campaign. Call it #StopFaulconer. more


Chris Ward came out at age 21 to his Phi Kappa Psi brothers at Johns Hopkins University. Now 39, he’s aiming to become the fourth member of San Diego’s LGBT fraternity to represent District 3 on the city council. more


Veteran’s Day is an appropriate holiday to take stock of a dire situation facing too many of our city’s heroes who served in the armed services: homelessness. more

From the Editor

Sunday was the deadline for Gov. Jerry Brown to sign or veto bills passed by the state Legislature. He’s likely recovering from writer’s cramp this week, but it’s Republicans who are wringing their hands over pas- sage of AB 1461. more

From the Editor