April 26, 2017 Issue


Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

If 32 years in the San Diego Sheriff’s Department has taught Commander Dave Myers anything, it’s that change has come to the region and resistance to it is not an option. Read more

Spin Cycle


Photo by Torrey Bailey

"Darrell Issa, you’ve got to oversee. You need to check and balance him, before it’s World War III,” sang more than 300 people to the tune of “Oh! Susanna” outside District 49 Rep. Darrell Issa’s Vista office on April 18. Read more


Local politicians don’t seem to see the big picture here. After all, they seem unfazed by the murders and weekly raids on encampments, not to mention the fact that our streets are looking more and more like “Calcutta.” Read more

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Photo by Matt Baldwin

As Trump recently rolled out a federal budget that saw deep federal cuts to the arts and humanities, it was certainly concerning when, this past Thursday, Mayor Faulconer released his proposed budget for fiscal year 2018. Read more

Seen Local

In my 8 years of art schoolin’, one of the most infuriating comments I ever heard someone make about about their work was, “I just wanted to see what a male artist could make.” Read more

Letters to the Editor


Photo by Daren Scott

At the Lyceum space in downtown, Ruff Yeager sinks his teeth into the meaty role of Myrvold, the central figure of Will Cooper’s trenchant drama Margin of Error. Read more



Photo by Rapid Eye

“In today’s age, building social currency is probably the most important investment companies can make to create value for themselves,” according to brand strategy firm Vivaldi Partners. Read more

About Last Night


Photo by Jessica McMillan

David Gedge isn’t at all familiar with Abingdon, Virginia. Yet that’s exactly where the man behind veteran UK jangle-pop outfit The Wedding Present was calling from to conduct an interview. Read more

Music Feature


Photo by Karissa Hally

Three years ago, Angie Beaulieu and Magz Lemaster came together to build a biking community for female-identifying individuals. Read more


If high school is usually a tableau made up of pure surface, My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea inverts things to see what lies beneath angsty teenage showmanship. Read more


Photographer Becky DiGiglio is showcasing her live music photography at a month-long show at Dark Horse Coffee’s Golden Hill and Normal Heights locations starting on Monday, May 1. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Boston post-hardcore group Pile can make some seriously pummeling punk rock in the vein of ‘90s-era groups on the Touch and Go roster (Jesus Lizard, Shellac, etc.). Read more

If I Were U


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Reader, my house was quiet. As in a total absence of an adolescent human noise machine moving from room to room testing out all the various sounds it can make. Read more

Backwards & in High Heels

Demasiado are playing their first show in eight years. The band, which was active between 2006 and 2009, are performing at The Casbah on Saturday, April 29 with The Midnight Pine, BSFB and Madly. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

We’d like to think that the majority of CityBeat readers remember how it felt to wake up the morning of November 9th. Read more

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Creepshot by Ryan Bradford

As we leave the graveyard, my sister-in-law notices a white SUV trailing us. Where it came from, no one knows, but it almost certainly belongs to the private FLDS cops who are known to hassle outsiders. Read more

Well, That Was Awkward


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I grabbed my boyfriend’s phone to look something up, and I found a Google search for local massage places that offer “happy endings.” Read more



Photo by Michael Gardiner

I’m a sucker for a place that does one thing and does it well. It’s a testament to a virtue, increasingly lost of late, that competence matters and in having the courage of one’s convictions. Read more

The World Fare

Much like undercover cops and paying taxes, among bartenders, making vodka cocktails has become a thing to be avoided at all costs. Read more

Anatomy of a Cocktail Scene

I can already hear the cries of “Get your politics out of my beer!” mixed with the ever popular “It’s just beer, don’t take it so seriously.” However, before anyone gets their manly panties in too big of a twist, let’s evaluate what this amendment re Read more

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