August 23, 2017 Issue

The armadillo has an excellent defense against deadly predators, which is that it is too cute to harm. This week you should verify things you read with a second reliable source. Read more

Astrologically Unsound

Seth Combs of CityBeat published an article about the recent changes at the San Diego Art Institute [“Changes at the San Diego Art Institute,” Aug. 16], my former employer from July 2016- to August 11, 2017. Read more

Letters to the Editor

My ancestors were slaveholders. I don’t think I’ve ever divulged that in print, much less to anyone in person. As one could imagine, it’s not something I can easily get my head around. Read more

From the Editor 3 Comments


Image by John R. Lamb

Last week, San Diego political leaders were high-fiving over the pulling of an old-time plaque from downtown’s Horton Plaza Park honoring the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis. Read more

Spin Cycle 1 Comments


Photo by Ken Jacques

Silliness rules in Lamb’s Players Theatre’s production of Nell Benjamin’s The Explorers Club. Read more



Image by Carolyn Ramos

Do we need a television series with a dystopian America in which a Confederate nation legally practices slavery uninterrupted to modern day as its backdrop? Read more

Features 3 Comments

San Diego artists are speaking out in the aftermath of the Charlottesville, Virginia white supremacist rally, which resulted in the death of activist Heather Heyer and the injuries of many others. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Liz Fest, a live benefit show honoring late Chica Diabla singer Elizabeth Borg, has been announced for Friday, October 6 at The Casbah. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


Photo by Robb Klassen / Stones Throw

Sudan Archives’ music isn’t complicated, but it’s not that easy to summarize. Read more

Music Feature

Pelican’s more like a heavy post-rock group, with powerful instrumental arrangements, while Inter Arma balances heaviness with mood and atmosphere. Read more

If I Were U

Relentless and intoxicating, Good Time is a manic and devious exploration of greed. Read more


Actor, screenwriter, lothario, Flamenco dancer—Hampton Fancher has forgotten more experiences than most people have had in their entire lifetime. Read more



Photo by Geoffrey Cunningham

Diversity. Community. Local. Arts institutions often use these buzzwords in mission statements and press releases to make themselves seem relevant and accessible to the public. But actions speak louder than words. Read more

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I mean, fer sufferin’ succotash, can we get real about the Civil War? Some argue it was more about states’ rights. However the state right they wanted most was the right to own people(!) so, nice try Boo. Read more

Sordid Tales 3 Comments


Photo by Andrew Dyer

San Diego-based craft brewery Green Flash Brewing Co.’s announcement of plans for a second out-of-state brewery didn’t come as much of a surprise, given the brewery’s history of expansion and acquisition. Read more

The Beerdist

In Occupy Pynchon, Carswell reminds us that, “democracy must be deliberated upon. It must be learned. It must be practiced and developed as a skill.” Read more

The Floating Library 1 Comments


Image by Ryan Bradford

Then Charlottesville happened. A small town succumbs to madness, no natural phenomena necessary. A result of our nation’s seeing without really looking. Read more

At the Intersection


Photo courtesy of Cannonball

The key is to pick places that fulfill the out-of-towners' idea of the “California dream” while still having food that is just as satisfying as the setting. Read more

Dishing It Out


Photo by Michael Gardiner

Italian food is simple food, and that’s by no means an insult. Italian fare is all about good ingredients prepared with skill and caring. It’s just as much about balance and patience as it is about time and elegance. Read more

The World Fare


Photo by Microshiner

Look, we’re more than aware that San Diego needs another beer festival like it needs more sunshine, but there really is plenty to choose from this weekend if readers are looking for one more good time before that “back to reality” vibe seeps in. Read more

Short List Event Picks