December 27, 2017 Issue


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The list below isn’t intended to be some definitive best-of list or achievement award for the people discussed. Rather, it is intended to highlight and encourage a scene that made national headlines this year. Read more



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Powerful commentaries on race, two world-premiere dramas and a couple of exciting musical revivals distinguished what was a memorable year in San Diego theater. Read more


All of them came a close second to local labor leader Mickey Kasparian, who closed out 2017 with a fourth lawsuit against him for gender discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, and more. He Read more

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One year ago, I used this space to lament the dire situation unfolding on the streets of San Diego. Read more

From the Editor 2 Comments

Congressman Peters is a true chameleon [“Will the real Scott Peters please stand up?,” Dec. 20]... and not a fiscal friend of us taxpayers. Read more

Letters to the Editor

“Hey Grampa?” asked Dimwit, the second eldest of the young’uns, “Was there a time that it wasn’t OK to say Christmas?” Read more

Sordid Tales 1 Comments

The great paradox of the music industry is that there’s less profit to be made out of music, and yet more people are making music than ever. Read more

Music Feature

This year seems to be the year where I said “fuck likeability.” I can tell I’ve done a bang-up job by the number of people I’ve pissed off. Read more

There She Goz 1 Comments

When historians look back on the last calendar year, let’s hope they question how anyone of sound mind could have survived such a relentless onslaught of cynicism, negativity, noise, anger and misinformation. Read more


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I can’t help but be won over by the idea of a punk rock New Year’s Eve. Read more

If I Were U

For as much as I complained about last year, 2017 turned out to be pretty good for San Diego beer Read more

The Beerdist 1 Comments

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The Hotel Del Coronado has had “high end” restaurants as long as anyone can remember, and for years the biggest name has been 1500 Ocean (1500 Ocean Ave., Coronado). Read more

The World Fare

I don’t like “best of” lists. In advertising, you can’t claim that a product or service is the best without being able to prove it. So why do those of us who write about the arts get to declare what’s best without some kind of criteria? Read more

The Floating Library

What goes around comes around and goes around and comes around and goes around and comes around and… would you look at that? Now you’re all wrapped up by the boa constrictor. Read more

Astrologically Unsound


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Despite my complaints last week that cover bands are taking over San Diego, there was a lot of good original music that came from local bands in 2017. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

At many times throughout my life, I’ve considered Alkaline Trio to be my favorite band. Read more

The Spotlight

In many ways, Rosina Guerra and Danny Ortega, the duo behind local music website and promotions company Rocktoc, are all about altruism. Read more

Short List Event Picks