February 15, 2017 Issue

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Your editorial says that DeVos “alone can’t do all that much damage” [“DeVos was an easy target,” Feb. 8]. True, but the thing is she won’t be alone. Read more

Letters to the Editor


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The passing of 24 years has not taken the air out of Steve Martin’s Picasso at the Lapin Agile. Read more



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On Jan. 12, Mayor Kevin Faulconer delivered the annual State of the City address, in which he discussed the ongoing homelessness crisis in San Diego and the city’s plans to address it. Read more

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Still sounding like a jilted lover, Faulconer blared, “Yeah, a certain someone made the wrong decision about a month and a half ago, right?” That “someone” would be Beane’s last boss, Chargers Chairman Dean Spanos, who decided to move the team north. Read more

Spin Cycle


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While there were a few supporters of the ban in attendance, the vast majority of the dozens of speakers who addressed the council were there to encourage our local representatives to stand up against the Trump administration. Read more

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Starting in August, legendary black hole of a nightclub The Brass Rail began a remodel that finished up the first week of February. Read more

About Last Night


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It’s not the first time that Weyes Blood (pronounced “wise blood”) has nodded to dystopia. In fact, one track on Front Row Seat—released in 2016 via Mexican Summer—explicitly deals with a rapidly deteriorating society. Read more

Music Feature


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Artists, by nature, are an opinionative bunch. Stick them in a room or, better yet, let them air their grievances on a Facebook thread with a bunch of other artistically inclined people and the likely result will be chaos and disorder. Read more

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The Artery is the brainchild of James Yuransky, owner and proprieter of the Ego id printing company in Normal Heights. Yuransky, who produces art under the name Zee, built the prototype as an easily transportable means of displaying prints. Read more


He’s the dandy highwayman, the king of the wild frontier. Adam Ant was one of the most colorful figures of the New Romantic era (and that’s saying a lot) and he released an impressive number of eclectic and catchy-as-hell new wave hits. Read more

If I Were U


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Patrick Erhard, Ash Williams: Narcopaloma by Bangladeafy. “Crazy, hectic over-the-top bassist and drummer. It’ll either drive you crazy or make you fall in love." Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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One-man drone outfit Monochromacy is expanding. Esteban Flores, the sole performer behind Monochromacy, began 2017 with a two-person collaboration featuring Brian Ivan on electronic percussion and keyboards. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

At times ludicrous and exhilarating, A Cure for Wellness embraces the silliness of its plot without a hint of irony. Read more


Moral and physical foundations are equally brittle in Asghar Farhadi’s films—at any point a building or relationship can come crashing down Read more



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We’d like to think that the arts can be a great catalyst in helping to facilitate these kinds of discussions. The can certainly be said about Voyage: The Slave Journey, a new concert experience from local choral ensemble SACRA/PROFANA. Read more

Short List Event Picks


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I really appreciated your recent column about people who go through with getting married when they know deep down that they’re making a mistake. I’m reminded of the common societal admonishment against being a “quitter.” Read more



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In just over two weeks, we have experienced a precipitous change in altitude and collective drop of the stomach. We are on a very rapid, very dangerous descent thanks in part—though not solely—to 45, as I’m going to call him. Read more

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Sushi is often treated as either high art or commoditized fast food. Aficionados celebrate the uber-expensive omakase tasting menus of places like Urasawa in Beverly Hills even as a businesswoman grabs uber-cheap supermarket sushi on her way home fro Read more

The World Fare


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In these days of alternative facts and fake news, getting called “overrated” is practically a badge of honor. Read more

Final Draught