February 8, 2017 Issue

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I appreciate your vision as it was put to light in the recent issue of CityBeat [“Nothing,” Jan. 25]. As a novice feminist male myself, I identify with much of what you said in your writing. Read more

Letters to the Editor


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Last Saturday, the nonprofit East Village Association was scheduled to hold a half-day “strategic planning” session at the newly expanded J Street headquarters of Underground Elephant, a digital marketing company. Read more

Spin Cycle 3 Comments

While I’ll stop short of defending DeVos, I do find her to be slightly less awful than other Trump appointees. Read more

From the Editor

Hideout made a strong debut a little over two years ago with Rookie, a collection of indie pop songs that showcased the combined talents of New York City’s Gabriel Rodriguez and San Diego’s Cory Stier, who are also bandmates in Cults. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Encinitas-based experimental composer Marcelo Radulovich has brought together two dozen musicians and artists for a piece of protest music titled In-Ogre-Ate. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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In addition to Høurs, who play a Valentine’s Day show at The Casbah, Feller also plays guitar and keyboards in the more synthy, darkwave band Hexa and recently started another project called Pleasure Model with Mitch Wilson of No Knife fame. Read more

Music Feature


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Much like anything Disney, which developed the new musical adaptation of Freaky Friday, the La Jolla Playhouse’s production is sunny and squeaky clean, and its wackiness is couched in feel-good, family-style lesson learning. Read more



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Is being on the road to bankruptcy really what it takes to impress the ladies? Read more


Spice up this year's Valentines Day special with the help of Carl DeMaio, Duncan Hunter, a whale and more. Read more

, Love and Sex Issue

“The story of the negro in America is the story of America. It is not a pretty story,” Baldwin concludes, his equivalent of a mic drop. With Read more



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I picked Nicole and Debra off a line of tourists on a bar crawl, luring them in with offers of free champagne. Like me they were in their early 30s and they had only been in the city a few days. They were here on a “ladies’ trip.” Read more

Love and Sex Issue

I first saw Canadian synth-pop group Austra at SXSW about six years ago before I had any idea who they were, and I became an instant fan. Read more

If I Were U

Around page 64 in Valley of the Horses (because shit yes, I still remember the page) I read my first sex scene: tall, handsome Neanderthal Jondalar deflowers a young woman in her “first pleasures” ceremony. I was 12 and it blew my fucking mind. Read more

Love and Sex Issue 2 Comments


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When it comes to sex, I was a bit of a late bloomer. When my sexual awakening finally came, it came hard. And unlike a drunk dude’s dick, it remains hard. Read more

Love and Sex Issue

More and more, personal “camming” is the face of adult entertainment: sex-centric entrepreneurs rewriting the script for how to monetize their personas. Read more

Love and Sex Issue

It is my belief that right now, straight, white males (SWMs) are the most reviled group in America. Don’t worry—this is not one of those “Woe-is-Me-I’m-White” tirades. Read more

Sordid Tales 2 Comments

In Julie Dash’s riveting 1991 film Daughters of the Dust, matriarch Nana Peazant (Cora Lee Day) tells a younger family member, “It’s up to the living to keep in touch with the dead.” Read more



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It’s been a rough couple weeks. The inauguration. The executive orders. Tom Brady. If there’s been a silver lining at all, it’s certainly been the amount of grassroots activism and protests popping up all over the city. Read more

Short List Event Picks

If you text a boy during the week and he waits until the end of the weekend to text you back, it’s because he’s trying to avoid an awkward conversation about his weekend plans sans you. Read more

At the Intersection

The conventional immigrant novel follows a rags-to-riches narrative: a person or group of people arrive in a foreign place feeling the loss of their old way of living in the world as they struggle to navigate the new. Read more

The Floating Library