January 11, 2017 Issue


Photo courtesy of Marlea Dell’Anno

Attorney Marlea Dell’Anno prides herself on making the best of challenging situations. But while describing the day back in late 2015 when San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith fired her via email, she fought hard to hold back the tears. Read more

Spin Cycle 2 Comments


Photo by Nathan Rupert / Flickr

I’ve found it to be quite the task to find someone who could fully encapsulate what, exactly, is the function of the San Diego Board of Supervisors (abbreviated as BOS because, well, BS would be too apropos). Read more

From the Editor


Photo by Seth Combs

Greenstein believes that the UAG suffered in the mid-2000s because of a lack of continuity. With directors who stayed for only a year at a time, the gallery’s status fluctuated from year to year. Read more

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Photo by Elizabeth Peyton

It only takes about 30 seconds of listening to “Lion’s Den,” the second single from Marching Church’s new album, to understand what the Denmark-based post-punk band is all about. Read more

Music Feature


Photo by Ken Jacques

The Welk’s production capitalizes on all of these built-in assets, even if its stage and its four-piece “orchestra” only adequately accommodate the sweep of this show Read more


Julieta, which opens Friday, Jan. 13, ultimately ponders if forgiveness can ever be possible when deceptions are so devastating they can enrage the ocean. Read more


Desperate men can only outrun delusion for so long. Hunter Gatherer measuredly embodies this process via the lives of two fringe characters that mistake treading water for entrepreneurial ambition. Read more


Grant Lee Buffalo had a fairly successful run in the ‘90s, though I’d still say they’re an underrated band. Read more

If I Were U

Where debut album Commons leaned heavily on the sludgy dynamics of bands like Boston’s Cave In, Vermont is much more nuanced and spacious, more akin to recent albums by Deftones. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Author & Punisher has announced a new collaboration with The Satanic Temple of Los Angeles. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

Comic Lea DeLaria first made a name for herself as the first openly gay comedian to perform on late night, making an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1993. Read more

Short List Event Picks

In case you missed it, now that Casey Affleck won a Golden Globe and is receiving Oscar buzz for Manchester by the Sea, Amy Zimmerman at The Daily Beast wrote a nice little rundown on the sexual harassment allegations made against Affleck. Read more

At the Intersection

In her book-length rumination, Hotel, Walsh reflects on the appeal of various types of hotels, from leisure resorts to business hotels to health spas and sanatoriums. Read more

The Floating Library

I’ve always found “Real Man Clichés” (RMC’s) largely to be a simplistic view of gender identity, as if there was only one way for a male to be. Read more

Sordid Tales

The future of packaged craft beer appears to be in cans. Rip Current, 32 North and Mikkeller have all released cans in the last few months. Read more

The Beerdist


Photo courtesy of JSix

No, JSix isn’t a Filipino restaurant, but a few of the dishes are Sinsay’s riffs on food that he grew up with in the Philippines. Read more

Dishing It Out


Photo by Michael A. Gardiner

The restaurant business is notoriously fickle. Today’s empire can quickly become tomorrow’s smoking pile of rubble. And you may not even get a t-shirt to show for it (though you might just get a large tax deduction). Brian Malarkey knows this. Read more

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