May 17, 2017 Issue

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A dear friend who’s also a co-worker just went through a breakup with her girlfriend, and she’s devastated. I don’t know what to tell her. I’ve tried everything. Read more


Taurus: Play Tetris before you go to bed and dream of it all night. Same mantra as last week, “Flood my brain with the good chemical.” If you can manage to avoid the specifics of reality, then Heaven really is a place on Earth. Read more

Astrologically Unsound

This week’s pothole comes from Acacia Collins, a Golden Hill resident who often bikes to work Downtown. Read more

Pothole of the Week


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From learning to garden and riding a motorcycle to becoming a knight and climbing rocks, this guide is just as much about learning to survive and be more independent as it is about summer fun Read more

Summer Guide

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The headline in the San Diego Union-Tribune last week seemed more fitting for a salacious tabloid or TMZ than the normally staid local mainstream daily. Read more

Spin Cycle

As this issue was going to press, Mayor Faulconer released a revised $3.6 billion budget (he called it a “May Revise” at a Tuesday morning press conference) for fiscal year 2018. Read more

From the Editor

Thank you for your recent editorial regarding homelessness in San Diego [“Someone, anyone,” April 26]. By introduction I am a retired naval officer and businessman who has never really retired. Read more

Letters to the Editor


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If love and faith are weaknesses in the Alien franchise, they have remained essential factors differentiating human from monster. Alien: Covenant, however, offers an altogether bleaker view of things. Read more



Robb Rosenfeld

Most films see the end of a marriage as an opportunity for spectacle. The Lovers depicts this process in laborious and meticulous detail. Read more


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The experiences of transitioning from one gender to the other and that of loving someone who does are poignantly conveyed in Ballast, a world-premiere play by Georgette Kelly at University Heights’ Diversionary Theatre. Read more


I’m a sucker for sailor stories. So when Ian McGuire’s whaling tale The North Water hit the New York Times bestseller list, I took notice. But this is not your father’s nautical adventure novel. Read more

The Floating Library


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I’m sure you have heard about the controversy surrounding Stephen Colbert’s anti-Trump tirade he unleashed last week on The Late Show. Read more

Sordid Tales

I grew up surrounded by this incessant criticizing of my body, just as every other woman has in varying degrees of nastiness and oppressiveness when factors like race, culture, size, privilege and class come in. Read more

There She Goz 2 Comments

In his short film, Aftermath, Perry tells the story of a band of bank robbers in the hours following a bank heist that’s gone terribly, terribly wrong. Read more

Seen Local


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Tokyo-based quintet Kikagaku Moyo (whose name means “geometric shapes”) has, over the course of two full-length albums and three EPs, built up a particular brand of psychedelia that’s unpredictable. Read more

Music Feature


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Thundercat is a pretty talented dude. Sure, he can play bass like a motherfucker, but he’s also not a bad singer and can write a great R&B tune. So yeah, Thundercat can pretty much do it all. Read more

If I Were U

Manuok has been a staple of San Diego indie music for more than a decade, Scott Mercado and company’s first self-titled album having been released in 2005 when it presented the band as a complex and nuanced outlet. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

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Sergey Kolivayko

The Young Wild have released a new web video series, titled You’ve Seen This Before. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


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North Park has changed a lot over the last two decades, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the neighborhood’s reputation as an arts destination. Read more

Short List Event Picks


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There may be a number of similarities between San Diego and Andalusia, where tapas began, but excellent tapas bars around every corner simply is not one of them. Read more

The World Fare