May 3, 2017 Issue


All photos by Torrey Bailey unless otherwise noted

Neighborhoods 1 Comments


Photo illustration by John R. Lamb

Two years of combined house arrest here and self-imposed probationary exile in L.A. kept former San Diego mayor Bob Filner pretty much muzzled. Read more

Spin Cycle 1 Comments


Photo by Michael McConnell

It seems like a new effort to tackle homelessness in San Diego is being announced monthly. With the different terminology, crossover and multiple agencies and entities coordinating the initiatives—keeping track of all of them and if/how they work tog Read more

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A few weeks ago, I posted a rather insensitive Facebook post about my annoyance with the United Airlines incident. Read more

From the Editor 2 Comments

In your editorial of April 26 [“Someone, Anyone”], you admonish “anyone in local politics” to “step up to the plate” to end homelessness in San Diego. Read more

Letters to the Editor


Photo by Ken Jacques

An education in astrophysics isn’t essential to understanding the science of Silent Sky, for its inquiries and revelations are framed in philosophical, big-picture contexts, a technique at which the talented Gunderson is expert. Read more


With A Quiet Passion, British director Terence Davies constructs a calmly defiant biopic that refuses to indulge the genre’s worst impulses and conventions. Read more


At one point, Paul whines that, “history is either a lie or a bore.” The Dinner manages to be both at the same time. Read more



Photo by Júnn

With new album in•ter a•li•a, out on Friday via Rise Records, At the Drive-In make the leap from being a short-lived reunion act to being a full-time band again. Read more

Music Feature

Die Mißbildungen Des Menschen’s debut cassette isn’t divided up into songs. Because it’s a cassette, it’s divided up by its sides: The first side is “Electronique,” and the second is “Batterie,” and that’s the tracklist. T Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio


Image by Summer Luu/Mike Turi

Dream Joints, aka Mike Turi of Wild Wild Wets, is getting ready to release his debut album, Just Like Medicine, via Bleeding Gold Records. Read more

Notes from the Smoking Patio

I’ve been a fan of Tim Kasher’s since he was releasing records with Cursive in the early ‘00s. While his solo material doesn’t rock quite as hard, it definitely has witty wordplay and knack for melody. PLAN Read more

If I Were U

I’m still not sure how to write about all the intersecting parts of my identity. The words come slow, the sentences sound stilted. But I’m hoping someday, with enough time, I find a way for my Blackness and my Filipina-ness to coexist. Read more

At the Intersection 1 Comments


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There is just something about these blustery, macho, self-empowering, nuance-free and logic-impoverished catchphrases like “No Regrets” that you see on some people’s shirts, hats, posters and bumper stickers that really make my eyeballs roll. Read more

Sordid Tales


Photo by James Vernette

When I saw pork parmigiana on the specials menu, I wanted to try it. It’s such an old-school dish that I wanted to see how a more new-school place might tackle it. Read more

Dishing It Out


Photo by Andrew Dyer

Chula Vista’s Novo Brazil Brewing (901 Lane Ave.) celebrated its second anniversary the same way most breweries do—with a party. Read more

The Beerdist


Photo courtesy of Fiesta Old Town

We look at our readers as an enlightened group of individuals, but we’d like to break something down once and for all: Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. In fact, it’s not even close. Día de la Independencia is in September. Read more

Short List Event Picks

The only thing worse than living inside of a simulation when one’s hold on reality begins to slip is the sneaky suspicion that a fellow crew member is becoming delusional. Read more

The Floating Library


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My boyfriend of five years has gotten super moody. He picks fights with me and even gets a little verbally abusive and condescending. I know he’s a good guy, and I want to help him sort through his stuff. Read more



Photo Michael Gardiner

Just about anything taken to its logical extreme falls apart. The torta ahogadas (“drowned tortas”) of Guadalajara are an example of that. Read more

The World Fare 1 Comments